How much does a Steinway Boston cost?

How much does a Steinway Boston cost?

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Details Steinway Boston Grand Piano
Size 5’1″
Price $9,500
State / Province Georgia
City Suwanee

Do Boston pianos hold their value?

So, do pianos depreciate? Yes, pianos depreciate over time. The amount of depreciation depends on the brand of piano, the condition of the instrument, and the current piano market.

How much is a used Steinway?

A typical used Steinway sells for 47% – 50% of today’s prices. For example, if a new Steinway S costs $72,000, then one can expect to pay between $34,000 – $36,000 for the instrument. This of course only applies if you are purchasing the piano through a licensed dealer.

Are Boston pianos worth it?

As they are built by Kawai, Boston pianos are of solid, good quality – there is no debate on that. Boston pianos are often presented by Steinway dealers as a choice for those seeking a Steinway piano but at a lower price point.

How much does a new Boston piano cost?

Acoustic Piano: Model & Pricing Guide

Model Feet MSRP*
Boston Verticals
GP-163 PE-II 5 31,500
GP-163 PE-II 5 34,900
GP-178 PE-II 5 33,200

What is a Boston Steinway?

Designed by Steinway & Sons, employing the unique patents and expertise that have made the Steinway synonymous with musical excellence, the Boston line of grands represent a singular achievement: a superior playing experience at a price level never before thought possible.

How long does a Boston piano last?

The average mass produced piano lasts 30 years. Hand-crafted pianos last substantially longer, often exceeding 50 years. Over time, the piano will need regular tuning, regulation, rebuilding, and other maintenance. A well-maintained piano can last in excess of 100 years.

How much does a used upright Steinway piano cost?

Used Steinways Piano Prices Price ranges for used Steinways come in around 47% to 50% of the new price for the same instrument. A new Model K costs $38,500, so you can expect a used one to come in around $19,000.

How much does a used Steinway upright cost?

Another thing to consider is that Steinway used pianos typically cost between 45% & 75% of their original MSRP value….Steinway Upright Piano Prices.

Upright Pianos Price Size
Model 4510 $34,000-$40,000 45″
Model 1098 $32,300-$34,800 46 1/2″
Model K-52 $37,600 -$39,600 52″

Are Boston pianos made by Kawai?

Boston pianos are manufactured by Kawai at their Japanese and Indonesian factories. Kawai’s journey began in 1927 and they are still under family leadership, ensuring top standards. They are one of the largest, most respected piano makers in Japan, second only to Yamaha in terms of size.

Where is the Boston piano made?

Boston pianos are manufactured by Kawai in Hamamatsu, Japan and Karawang, Indonesia. There are five sizes of Boston grand pianos and three sizes of Boston upright pianos available in a variety of finishes. Grand piano models are GP-156 PE, GP-163 PE, GP-178 PE, GP-193 PE, and GP-215 PE.