How much does a Wyandotte cost?

How much does a Wyandotte cost?


Sex 1-5 25-49
Straight Run $3.55 $2.88
Male $2.72 $2.32
Female $4.13 $3.76

Are Wyandotte bantams friendly?

Bantam Laced Wyandotte hens are generally calm and friendly, but they know their own minds. Although they make lovely garden hens, with their stunning laced markings, they would not be suited as a cuddly pets for children.

How big do Wyandotte bantams get?

Size and Weight. Wyandottes are fluffy and large chickens. Roosters usually weigh 8-9lb and hens 6-7lb. Bantams are available too in some varieties and usually weigh around 3lb.

Is Wyandotte aggressive?

Temperament – Wyandottes are generally docile and friendly, but some individuals can be aggressive. Adaptability – Wyandottes tolerate confinement well, and they are also good foragers, which makes them well suited for free ranging.

Are Wyandotte chickens good to eat?

The Wyandotte is a well-rounded bird that makes it perfect for the dinner table. According to the American Poultry Association standard, the Wyandotte chicken should have yellow skin and yellow legs.

How much does a silver laced Wyandotte cost?


SEX 5-14 25-49
Male $2.61 $2.31
Female $4.06 $3.76
Unsexed $3.31 $3.01

Are wyandottes good pets?

Wyandotte chickens are a versatile breed. They’re great layers, pets, show birds, and they’re even good for meat.

Are wyandottes bossy?

With humans, Wyandottes are mostly calm and friendly birds, though a little aloof. They are not necessarily “lap chickens”. When it comes to demeanor around other chickens, they often rank high in the pecking order and can be bossy or even a little aggressive.

Are Wyandotte chickens quiet?

If you’re an ornamental chicken keeper, you’ll want a quiet breed that’s easy on the eyes. Luckily, the Wyandotte is one of the quietest breeds of chickens. And with her beautiful laced, multi-colored, feathers, you’re not skimping on your chicken’s curb appeal when you add one of these beauties to your flock.

Can Wyandotte chickens fly?

The ability of a chicken to fly is usually determined by their breed type. Heavy breeds such as Orpingtons and Wyandottes hens may ‘fly’ about a foot off the ground for a very short distance. It’s the ‘Mediterranean’ breeds (Ancona, Leghorns etc) that are known as flighty birds.

Are Wyandottes bullies?

Who doesn’t love a good gab, even if it’s from a hen? Wyandottes are docile, chatty, and have trusting personalities making them popular a popular choice for families with children. While they are considered friendly birds, they are known to be at the top of the pecking order in a flock and are rarely bullied.

Are Wyandotte chickens noisy?

#12 Wyandotte chickens can be very noisy. The majority of breeds will talk softly throughout the day (and sometimes not so softly), but Wyandottes are known to be noisier than average.

Where did the breed of Wyandotte come from?

Wyandottes originate from the United States and no one really knows which breeds were used to create the Wyandotte breed. They were first reported in the 1860s and the first variety was the silver laced variant.

What kind of chickens are for sale in Melbourne?

Poulty Breeds, Chickens for Sale Melbourne; Isa Brown, Red Isa, Wyandotte, Australorp, Silkie, Pekin, Sussex, Cochin. We offer a large range of poultry breeds for sale; Speciality breeds, as well as the ever faithful ISA Browns & Australorp X, which are great backyard layers.

Why are Wyandotte hens a good breed?

Wyandottes are docile birds and the hens are excellent broodies and make good mothers. They lay well and chicks tend to be strong and are quick growers. Their attractive “curvy” shape, generally good disposition and many attractive colour patterns (varieties) make them a good choice for fanciers as well as farmers