How much does Gulfstream G280 cost?

How much does Gulfstream G280 cost?

There are currently no national fractional share programs offering the G280, although there are specific jet cards featuring this super-midsize jet. The price for a new G280 is $25 million with used G280s priced at around $12 million.

How much does a Challenger jet cost?

Bombardier Challenger 650 Specs

Current Market
Aircraft on Market 7
Percentage on Market 6.8%
Average Asking Price $17M
Asking Price (High) $17M

Is a G280 a Gulfstream?

The Gulfstream G280 is a twin-engine business jet built by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) for Gulfstream Aerospace. It began delivery to users in 2012….Gulfstream G280.

A Gulfstream G250
Role Business jet
Manufacturer Gulfstream Aerospace
First flight December 11, 2009

How much does it cost to maintain a G280?

The Gulfstream G280 can cruise at up to 45,000 feet….Gulfstream G280 Total Costs.

Annual Cost Flying 200 hours per year
Maintenance $78,200
Engine Overhaul $121,000
Crew / Landing / Handling $80,000
Miscellaneous Variable $10,000

What is the range of Gulfstream G280?

6,667 km
Gulfstream G280/Range

Which is better Bombardier Challenger 350 or Gulfstream G280?

The Challenger 350 ‘Available Payload with Maximum Fuel’ (1,800 lbs) is more than that offered by the Gulfstream G280 (1,000 lbs). Additionally, Table A shows the fuel usage by each aircraft (sourced from Aircraft Cost Calculator).

What’s the average price of a Gulfstream G280?

The current used market for the Gulfstream G280 shows a total of three aircraft ‘For Sale’ with two displaying an asking price ranging from $14m to $17.9m. We also reviewed the used Challenger 350 market, which yielded asking prices ranging from $16.5m to $17.5m.

What is the variable cost of a Challenger 350?

The ‘Total Variable Cost’ illustrated in Chart D is defined as the Cost of Fuel Expense, Maintenance Labor Expense, Scheduled Parts Expense and Miscellaneous Trip Expense. The Total Variable Cost for the Challenger 350 computes at $1,804 per hour, which is slightly greater than the Gulfstream G280 at $1,799 per hour.

What’s the price of a Gulfstream Praetor 600?

The means that the Praetor 600 is up against stiff opposition from the Gulfstream G280, Bombardier Challenger 350, Dassault Falcon 2000 and the Cessna Citation Longitude (which is in certification now). A Praetor 600 will cost $20,995,000 putting the aircraft below the official list prices of its competitors.