How much does it cost to be in La Masia?

How much does it cost to be in La Masia?

La Masia houses about 60 players: 10 in the farmhouse, and the rest in rooms of the adjacent stadium; the rest of the youth players must provide for their own accommodation. The academy is one of the most expensive in Europe, operating at a cost of £5 million a year.

Who conceptualized and transformed La Masia academy?

Johan Cruyff, with his unique outlook, changed Barcelona forever. One of the reasons why La Masia was so successful is the principles it was built on. From the lowest aged team to the first team, the philosophy is simple and clear.

Do Barcelona academy players get paid?

The answer is yes, Academy players get paid. Youth players receive a salary when they leave school and sign a professional contract. Like other industries where an apprentice receives a low wage before signing a professional contract.

What is the best football academy in the world?

15 Best Football Academies In The World

  • Barcelona (La Masia) La Masia, without a doubt the greatest soccer academy in the world, has produced a number of stars who have gone on to become the face of football in Spain and Europe.
  • Ajax.
  • Manchester United Academy.
  • Bayern Munich.
  • Sporting Lisbon.
  • Sao Paulo.
  • Santos.
  • Southampton.

What is the name of Real Madrid academy?

La Fábrica
La Fábrica (English: “The Factory”) is the name given to Real Madrid’s farm system and academy. Considered one of the best player development centres in the world, La Fábrica has produced a number of players that have contributed to Real Madrid’s sustained sporting success since its inception.

How much do academy soccer players get paid?

Academy players in the United States do not get paid, they pay to play. The amount that players must pay to play at the academy level is astronomical. For example, playing on a team in the Development Academy costs $2,800 just for membership. This number leaves out additional travel expenses to get to the games.