How much does it cost to promote music in Nigeria?

How much does it cost to promote music in Nigeria?

But note, the cost for promoting your music can range from N30,000 to N5,000,000 and above depending on the services you want to use for promotion. This breakdown is similar to a music strategy, which means it involves the various costs of promoting services.

Who has the highest view on YouTube in Nigeria?

Top 12 Most Viewed Nigerian Songs on YouTube

  • Fall by Davido – 198m views.
  • On the low by Burna Boy – 192m views.
  • Way maker by Sinach – 171m views.
  • Pana by Tecno – 151m views.
  • Aye by Burna Boy – 131m views.
  • Johnny by Yemi Alade – 129m views.
  • If by Davido – 125m views.
  • Afro B by Drogba – 124m views.

How can I promote my music in Nigeria?

Below are steps you need to follow if you want to promote your music in Nigeria:

  1. Use Social Media to Promote Your Music.
  2. Make Use of Live Music Promotion.
  3. Reach Out to Music Blogs.
  4. Offer Your Songs for Free Downloads.
  5. Collaborate with Other Musicians.
  6. Promote Your Music with Email.
  7. Share Your Music on Music Promotion Sites.

How much does it cost to promote a song?

Two other radio veterans estimated that the total cost of promoting a song to “urban” radio and transforming it into a hit was between $100,000 and $125,000. Coach K’s estimate of $200,000 suggests that burden for artists hoping to win at radio today might be even higher.

How can I promote my music for free in Nigeria?

12 Best Ways to Promote Your Music in Nigeria for FREE

  1. Identify Your Audience.
  2. Skip the Advertising.
  3. The Free Download Issue.
  4. Email Database and Social Media Contacts.
  5. Social Media Promotion.
  6. Branding.
  7. Niche Promotions.

How do I sell my music in Nigeria?

There is good news, you can sell your music online in Nigeria through digital distribution platforms that will pay you for your music as an artist or record label. As a music promotion company in Nigeria, we help artists/record labels to distribute their songs online and help you collect ALL necessary royalties.