How much does it cost to rent a mini bus?

How much does it cost to rent a mini bus?

Due to their smaller size, minibus rentals serve best as local shuttle transportation for events such as weddings, corporate bus charters, and conferences to move guests from the airport to hotels to venues. $98/hr. Starting hourly prices.

What kind of trips are minibus for for?

Corporate clients and wedding planners rely on minibus rentals to ferry their guests quickly between multiple locations. A minibus with all your guests onboard will guarantee your group stays together and arrives on time. What kind of trips are a Minibus for?

What kind of Van can I rent from Enterprise?

Enterprise offers a wide variety of rental vans, including minivans, 12 & 15 passenger vans, and cargo vans that are sure to fit the bill. A minivan rental is perfect for long road trips and family vacations, with room for up to seven passengers plus luggage.

What are the benefits of renting a minibus?

Minibus charter bus rentals are also ideal for city or country tours with multiple destinations. and multiple minibuses can easily be used as a shuttle fleet for ferrying passengers between hotels and conference venues. What are the benefits of renting a Minibus?

How many people can sit on a minibus?

Minibuses can seat up 20 to 30 passengers depending on the rental selected. Although a minibus is nothing fancy, it serves its purpose for corporate transportation, city tours, and other special events. Now it is easier than ever to find an expert driver and charter bus rental near you.

What can you do with a mini bus?

With a similar interior layout to a school bus, but on a smaller scale, minibus rentals are ideally suited for tours involving short distance hops between local attractions, or as nimble feet vehicles in a looping shuttle service for corporate events with multiple venues.