How much does Sears alignment cost?

How much does Sears alignment cost?


Length of Warranty Average Price
Since Service 6 Months $85
One Year Service 1 Year $115
Three Year Service 3 Years $165

How much does a standard alignment cost?

How much does an alignment cost? A front-end alignment usually costs between $65 and $100 (some brands, of course, are more). At that price, it should be a regular part of your car care regime. To make an alignment even more economical, some car care facilities offer lifetime alignment packages for around $200.

How much is a wheel alignment at Walmart?

How does a wheel alignment cost at Walmart compared to other locations?

Company Service Cost
Walmart Front-wheel alignment $50
Four wheels alignment $80
Sears Auto Centers Standard wheel alignment $75
One-year alignment plan $95

How much is a alignment at Pepboys?

Pep Boys Prices

Item Price
3-Month Wheel Alignment (Starting Price) $84.99
1-Year Wheel Alignment (Starting Price) $114.99
5-Year Wheel Alignment (Starting Price) $179.99 3.3

How much is alignment at Firestone?

A standard alignment at Firestone will run you $80 before taxes, be it just the front two wheels aligned or a full four-wheel alignment. So, if you think you’re going to need at least two alignments for the life of your vehicle, a lifetime alignment pays for itself. Firestone is also not the cheapest place.

Does Walmart do wheel alignment?

Unfortunately, Walmart does not offer wheel alignment services as of 2021. Customers can instead visit stores like Mr. Tire, Big O Tires, Goodyear, Tire Discounters, and others to get their wheels aligned for $50-$100. Walmart does also provide many other auto services, but wheel alignments are not one of them.

Does Costco offer wheel alignment?

Most of the time Costco has pretty good deals on a set of 4 tyres from Michelin or Bridgestone, problem is that they don’t have a licence to carry out mechanical work, such as alignment. New tyre time, tyre shop is $20 dearer per tyre, so $80 in total. …

Does Costco do alignment with tire installation?

However, one thing to note is that Costco will not do alignments when you get new tires. So you’ve got to factor that in if you’re thinking about purchasing Costco tires.

How long does an alignment take at Firestone?

one hour
Under normal circumstances, a wheel alignment will take an average of one hour, whether it’s a two-wheel-drive or four-wheel-drive vehicle. If there’s too much wear and tear or damage on the suspension system, steering bushing, track rod, or other parts, it’ll take a longer time as some components have to be replaced.

How much does a tire alignment usually cost?

The Cost of Wheel Alignments. The wheel alignment price depends on a number of factors, such as the make and model of your car, the number of wheels on the vehicle, the length of the warranty period as well as labor costs. That said, front end alignment usually cost between $55 to $75 , whereas a full-on 4 wheel alignment price goes from $110 to $150 .

What is the cost to get an alignment?

After comparing prices at national auto shops across the nation, you can expect to pay between $50 and $235 for a two-wheel alignment, depending on your vehicle and where you live. Meanwhile, a full vehicle alignment will cost about double that amount.

Does Sears Auto Center do wheel alignments?

Sears Auto Center performs a wheel alignment to keep your drive smooth and reduce unnecessary wear on your tires. Over 60% of cars tested at Sears Auto Centers are in need of an alignment. Is your car pulling to the left or right? Do you constantly feel as though you need to work to keep the car straight?