How much does the South African government spend?

How much does the South African government spend?

The South African national government spent R1,73 trillion in 2019/20, according to the latest Financial statistics of national government report. This is 12% higher than the R1,54 trillion recorded in 2018/19.

Which department received the highest allocation in the 2010 2011 National Budget?

In all provinces bar the Western Cape, expenditure on education is the largest single allocation. In the Western Cape from 2010/11, health care spending exceeded that of education.

What is the national budget of South Africa 2021?

Main budget revenue is projected to be R1. 35 trillion, or 25.3 per cent as a share of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2021/22. This rises to R1. 52 trillion in the outer year (2023/24) of the Medium-Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF).

How much money did the government spend in 2020?

The federal government spent $6.6 trillion in fiscal year 2020 — or $19,962 per person. The federal government made $2.6 trillion in funds available to respond to COVID-19 and spent $1.6 trillion of that in fiscal year 2020.

What are the major expenditure of the government?

The four main areas of federal spending are national defense, Social Security, healthcare, and interest payments, which together account for about 70% of all federal spending. When a government spends more than it collects in taxes, it is said to have a budget deficit.

How many types of government expenditures are there?

So government spending or government expenditure is often divided into three main types: Current Expenditures or Government final consumption expenditure on goods and services for current use to directly satisfy individual or collective needs of the members of the community. Capital Expenditure or Gross.

Where can I find the 2011 local government budget?

The 2011 Local Government Budgets and Expenditure Review is also available on Printed by FormeSet Printers Cape (Pty) Ltd FOREWORD iii Foreword

What kind of economy does South Africa have?

Trade liberalization has been accompanied by responsible monetary and fiscal management and this has largely allowed South Africa to continuously experience moderate economic growth since 1994. Inflation has been within target, and the budget deficit has been falling in recent times.

Why are local government budgets and Expenditure Review important?

The Local Government Budgets and Expenditure Reviewis a valuable resource that assists analysts, policy makers, elected representatives, citizens, academics and practitioners in assessing the impact of government policies and the resources allocated to implement them.

Where does medium term revenue and Expenditure Framework come from?

• The Medium Term Revenue and Expenditure Framework (MTREF) estimates are based on the budget and related documents of municipalities and their entities as approved by their respective municipal Councils and municipal entities’ Boards.