How much is a remembrance $2 coin worth?

How much is a remembrance $2 coin worth?

2012 Remembrance Day Red Poppy $2 Coin They were released in two versions, a non mintmark version, and a ‘C’ mintmark coin. The low mintage of just 500,000 makes the non mintmark coin worth around $100 while the ‘C’ mintmrk coin can be worth $300 or more.

How much is an Australian 2 dollar coin worth?

A true uncirculated coin would easily sell for $25-$30. With a mintage of just under 3 million the 2016 Decimal Changeover 2 Dollar is still routinely found in change. Too new to have a CV listed the coin looks to sell for $5-$10 ex-mint bag.

How many police remembrance coins were made?

These rolls have been issued in brown paper printed with the words “Australian Government Royal Australian Mint” and struck with an extremely limited mintage of only 5000 rolls.

What is the rarest coin in Australia?

1922-1921 Threepence. The rarest Australian circulation coin, an 1922-1921 overdate Threepence sold in July 2021 for A$95,000. The virtually uncirculated coin is one of the finest examples of its type.

What’s the most expensive $2 coin?

If you’ve got an interesting-looking $2 coin with a red centre lying around, hang onto it – or sell it for $200. Joey Kandiah, a Perth-based teacher behind popular TikTok account The History of Money, has revealed the existence of the “rarest circulating” $2 coin that could be worth 100 times its value.

How much is the armistice coin worth?

It holds the same value as the standard 50 cent coin so you can use it as you would a normal 50 cent coin.

What is the most valuable $2 coin in Australia?

He says Australia’s “rarest circulating $2 coin” was one of two commemorative coins issued for Remembrance Day in 2012. “5.8 million of these ‘Gold Poppy’ coins were made. These are worth around $10 in uncirculated condition,” he said in the video. While the other – the coloured poppy – can be worth far more.

What 2.00 coins are worth money?

How much are they worth?

  • Commonwealth Games – Northern Ireland (2002) – £35-£40.
  • Commonwealth Games – Wales (2002) – £15.
  • Commonwealth Games – England (2002) – £13.
  • Commonwealth Games – Scotland (2002) – £10.
  • Olympic Games Handover to Rio (2012) – £6.
  • Olympic Games Handover to London (2008) – £5.50.

What is the rarest Australian $1 coin?

The most valuable Australian 1 dollar coin you can find in change is undoubtedly the 1992 Mob of Roos dollar coin. The Royal Australian Mint website lists the coin as having a mintage of 8000 but we doubt that to be true.

How many firefighter coins were made?

The ‘C’ mintmark has a limited mintage of 40,000 coins struck by the Mint. RRP for this issue is $15. General Manager at the Royal Australian Mint Mark Cartwright announced that $125,000 from the proceeds of the sale of the collector coins will go to fire and emergency service organisations across the country.

What Australian coins are the most valuable?

The most valuable Australian penny is the Proof 1930 Penny selling for $1.15 million in 2019. The coin was struck in 1930 at the Melbourne Mint during the Great Depression. The Proof 1930 Penny is Australia’s most valuable penny.

Which Australian coins are worth money?

Australian Dollar Coins that are Worth Money!

  • Mules. Mules are coins that are struck by coin dies that were not intended to be used together.
  • 1992 Mob of Roos Dollar Coin. The 1992 Mob of Roos dollar coin is the stuff of legends.
  • Dollar Coins Struck on Wrong Planchets.
  • 2001 Centenary of Federation Upset Dollar Coins.

What’s the C on a two dollar Remembrance Day coin?

The Two Dollar Remembrance Day Red Poppy coin was also struck with a ‘C’ mintmark, the ‘C’ representing Canberra. 40,902 of the ‘C’ Mintmark red poppies were produced and issued in a mix of cards and postal numismatic covers (PNCs).

When did the Australian two dollar coin come out?

The Australian two dollar coin denomination was introduced on 20 June 1988, when it replaced the banknote of the same value. The regular reverse design by Horst Hahne features a representation of the head and shoulders of a traditional Australian Aboriginal elder.

How is the poppy on a two dollar coin?

The design includes a coloured representation of a red poppy flower in the foreground, two representations of a poppy flower as well as the inscriptions “TWO DOLLARS” and “REMEMBRANCE”. On a limited number of coins the poppy is coloured red and black.

What kind of coin is police Remembrance Day?

The Police Remembrance $2 coloured coin marks the 30th anniversary of National Police Remembrance Day.