How much is a Suzuki King Quad 300 worth?

How much is a Suzuki King Quad 300 worth?

Auction listings for the 300-cc KingQuad range between $716 and $1,600. Most are in good working condition, with over 300 hours and 2,800 miles total.

How much horsepower does a Suzuki Quadrunner have?

Ignition – The Quadrunner uses a CDI electronic ignition with a power output of 8.3 kW (11.1 hp) at 7,000 RPM. It also has a three-phase A.C. generator system.

How much is a Suzuki 400 ATV?

2021 Suzuki KingQuad 400ASi • $6,599 In 1983, Suzuki introduced the world’s first 4-wheel ATV. Today, Suzuki ATVs are everywhere.

How much HP does a LTZ 250 have?

Suzuki QuadSport Z250 Engine and Transmission Technical Data
Compression Ratio 9.2:1
Number of valves per cylinder
Camshaft Valvetrain Configuration SOHC
Maximum power – Output – Horsepower 329.89 HP (240.8 kW) @ 4000 RPM

What is the most reliable ATV on the market?

According to the consumer votes on, Honda is the most reliable ATV brand. The second place in the votes is Yamaha.

Which ATV manufacturer is the most reliable?

Honda ATVs are the most reliable quads. These quads have bomb-proof transmission and use metal gears. They are resilient to tough terrains, durable, and can keep kicking despite taking much abuse. Other reliable ATV brands include Kawasaki, Polaris, Yamaha, Arctic Cat, Argo, SYM, Can-Am, and CFMoto.

What size is a King Quad?

Overall Length2150 mm (84.6 in.) Overall Width1215 mm (47.8 in.) Overall Height1285 mm (50.6 in.) Wheelbase1285 mm (50.6 in.)

What did the Suzuki King Quad 300 do?

One of the more tech-advanced 4x4s of the early ’90s, the Suzuki King Quad 300 rocked the ATV world and set the bar for modern-day 4WD vehicles. It came out of the gate loaded with features now considered must-haves on ATVs – IRS, selectable driveline modes, and a lockable front differential, to name a few.

When did the first Suzuki QuadRunner come out?

Suzuki introduced the first four-wheeled ATV in 1983 with the Suzuki LT125D Quadrunner (also known as the Suzuki Quadrunner 125). This prototype was marketed alongside the ALT125 ATC between 1983 and 1987 and featured a well-planted four-wheel chassis, an electric start system, and reverse, which were rare luxuries in the early ’80s.

How big are the tires on a Suzuki quad 300?

It would be best to check your Suzuki King Quad 300 manual before deciding to get those 10-mm spacers. The four-wheeler’s initial model had uneven tire sizes – 24-inch tires on the front and 25-inch ones at the back. The front knobbies later changed to AT25 x 8-12 for succeeding models.

Why does my Suzuki QuadRunner lose so much power?

Inevitably, the drive chain stretches and causes the quad to lose power over time. When this happens, follow these simple steps. First, park your quad on level ground and allow the drive chain to cool completely. Then use a chain link tool to remove the chain link from your drive chain.