How much will Rams tickets cost 2021?

How much will Rams tickets cost 2021?

Los Angeles Rams Ticket Prices

Season Location Average Ticket Price
2021 SoFi Stadium $36
2020 SoFi Stadium $316
2019 Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum $95
2018 Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum $119

What does SSL price mean?

stadium seat license
Short for stadium seat license. It’s a one-time fee season ticket holders pay for the right to buy and own a season seat over the lifespan of a new stadium. The SSL is a tax, if you will, on hardcore fans to offset the price of erecting a new stadium. And as we’ve seen across the NFL, the prices can be exorbitant.

Can you go to Rams games?

Rams to require proof of COVID-19 vaccination for all home games beginning in Week 7. 24, the Los Angeles Rams will require all home game attendees ages 12 and over to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test result taken within 72 hours of gameday in order to gain entry into SoFi Stadium.

What is a Rams SSL member?

Sell Rams Season Tickets. A Los Angeles Rams SSL (Stadium Seat License), gives the SSL owner the right to purchase Los Angeles Rams season tickets and playoff tickets each year for specific seats at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, CA. Season Tickets.

How much are tickets at the new Rams Stadium?

According to TickPick, the average ticket price for Rams and Bears in Week 1 is $334, with the lowest ticket price currently at $112. By comparison, the Rams’ 2019 home opener against the New Orleans Saints had an average purchase price of $133.

What is SSL pricing NFL?

SSL stands for stadium seat license, which is a one-time payment made by season ticket holders to secure the right to purchase season tickets. This means that new season ticket holders will have to pay an upfront fee on top of the cost of their tickets for the 2020 season.

What is SSL at SoFi Stadium?

7Does SoFi Stadium have a seat license program (SSL)? Every seat in SoFi Stadium will have a seat license for both the Rams and the Chargers. Pricing for the SSLs is based on location and amenities, and there are seat opportunities and price points for just about every LA sports fan.

Is SoFi Stadium open or closed?

Even though we’re in a pandemic, since the stadium is open air, it can operate at full capacity. Something that will blow you away when you enter SoFi stadium is the video board. It stretches 120 yards, weighs 2.2 million pounds, contains 70,000 square feet of digital LED and houses 268 speakers.

Can you go inside SoFi Stadium?

Feel like a pro as you run through the 60-foot tunnel room to hype you up before you enter onto the SoFi Stadium field. Once on the turf, you will be able visit locker rooms, compete in the on-field challenges and experience a post-game interview.

How much are Super Bowl tickets for 2022?

The 2022 Super Bowl ticket packages listed on On Location start at $5,950 per person. Depending on seat location and package details, listings even go up to $21,250 per person.

What are season tickets for Los Angeles Rams?

Season Ticket Members have access to the best seats in the stadium, at a special price, and are guaranteed to have the same seats for each game. Opportunity to purchase tickets for other SoFi Stadium events, including concerts. Does not include extraordinary events such as the World Cup, Olympics, etc.

Are there any print at home Rams tickets?

No, NFL policies no longer allow print-at-home tickets for NFL games. In order to protect the integrity of your season tickets and prevent fraud and counterfeit ticket problems, tickets will no longer have a printout option for all Los Angeles Rams games. You can enter the SoFi Stadium via mobile tickets.

What’s the cheapest way to get Rams tickets?

If you’re looking for cheap Rams tickets, tickets can be found for as low as $28.00. Additionally, once you click on your preferred event date, use the “sort by price” button located in the top left hand corner of the event page to sort all available Rams tickets by cheapest tickets available. Where do the Los Angeles Rams play?

Can you swipe right on a Rams ticket?

Yes. Once you select a game, you will be able to swipe left and right on your available tickets. We recommend each individual has the ticket on their own mobile device to ensure they can get to and from seats. If your entire party is not with you prior to entering SoFi Stadium, you can easily transfer each person their individual ticket.