How to attract customers

How to attract customers? When creating the advertising message – it is very important to do them correctly. Their sole purpose: to efficiently perform its main function – to attract customers. This is not an easy task as it might seem at first glance. And if you look at a lot of different ads from different spheres of advertising, you’ll find that most of them cope with the task of attracting clients is not the best way, the authors of the blog Vertical Response.

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In order to achieve the desired result, advertising needs to be available call-to-action. Here are just some of the possible options:

Offer, limited in duration

If you have best offer, serious motivation for the customer may be limited validity period of the proposal. Knowing his time, a person will is much stronger, because she will understand that after some time to make a purchase she will not succeed. Limited time offer – one of the most favorite approaches of marketers, which creates an increased demand for certain goods.

A limited number of goods

This method is similar to the previous one lies in the fact that the company offers in the market will overtake the number of products. A rare and quality product, which also set a bargain price, scatters like hot cakes.

Find your niche

Free gifts for the first 100 (1000, 10000, etc.) of customers is another interesting call to action. When choosing the right gifts and good advertising to achieve success. In the United States this approach is often used by some teams just to fill a baseball stadium. The first visitors of the match will receive gifts.

Free consultation/trial version of the product

Many law firms offer free consultations to clients on the phone only to have to go with them on contact. They understand that after a certain percentage of people will want to continue. This system operates on the Internet, where many software producers allow you to download trial versions of their products, which will operate during the first 30 days.

Direct sale

Just say that your product is not available in the shops” (if it really is), and put on direct sale. If a potential client really needs your product, but to find in shops it is impossible, he will try as soon as possible to contact you.

Emphasize the safety of the consumer

You can make a bet on the belief of the customer about the safety of buying from you. This is usually achieved with the promise of a refund within 30 days, no questions asked. This approach is increasingly applied in Ukraine. Especially when you consider that by law, every person can return the product to the store within 14 days.

Free accessories to the product

Cheap accessories that you can give for free with the purchase, increase the attractiveness of the latter. For example, selling face cream, you can give the customer eye cream. Many beauty shops do.

But with some more calls to action in advertising had to meet you?