How to Create your own Hashtag on Facebook

How to Create your own Hashtag on Facebook

From the billboard signs on the roads to the eating menus in the restaurants, hashtags have struck all the things by storm. A decade ago, hashtags were not dominant among social media users. But now, nobody can visualize a world without hashtags.

Suppose that there is a group of millions of people and you want to find some members of the group who are interested in playing soccer with you!

You cannot just start asking millions of people whether they are willing to play with you or not. You need to select some group members who are interested in playing soccer, and then you can convey your message to them comfortably.

If you start yelling at everyone, then your voice would be lost in the cacophony of millions of people. But, if you find the right people, then you will be heard conveniently.

In the complex world of social media where billions of people are active, hashtags are a blessing considering that they help you in finding the right people. You will be able to find the people of your choice among the millions.

What is a hashtag?

Hashtags are keywords that are created by adding a hash # sign before any combination of words having no spaces. They can be added to text, images, videos or descriptions.

Hashtags can be used on all the major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. They optimize your content for the search engines, and your overall engagement is enhanced.

 How to Create a Hashtag on Facebook

Creating your own hashtag on Facebook is quite uncomplicated. Once you insert the tags in your Facebook posts, your content would be more customized and would also appear on Facebook search. Just follow these steps to add a unique hashtag on your Facebook post:

  • Login to your Facebook account through your PC or Smartphone
  • Go to the Status section of your FB page. This section appears on the top of the Facebook Feed.
  • Now, write something to create a hashtag, and after writing, put a hash #sign before the words. Make sure that there are no spaces between the words because otherwise, the hashtag would be created only for the first word.
  • For example, if you want to create a hashtag with the name of flowers, then write #flowers. Similarly, you can also create different tags, such as #boost, #galaxy, #winter, etc.
  • To create a hashtag of two words, you can put an underscore between the words. For example, you can write #winning_game or #delicious_barbeque etc.
  • However, if you put a space between the two words, then the hashtag will be created only for the first word. For example, if you write “#race winner”, then the hashtag would be generated only for“race” and not for“winner.”

Clicking on the Hashtags

Once you have posted something with a hashtag on your Facebook timeline, Facebook provides you with the opportunity of clicking on the created hashtag.

When you click on your hashtag, you will get to know who else is using the same phrase, and what they are expressing.

For example, after creating the hashtag of #race, when you click on it, you will be shown a feed where there would be hundreds of people saying something by using the same hashtag. In this way, you will get to know about the different tones of the same phrase.

How to Search a hashtag on Facebook

Facebook also has the feature through which you can search the hashtags of your choice. This feature enables users to find related posts and pages that are using the same phrases. Follow these steps to do the searching:

  • Log in to your Facebook Account either through Mobile or Smartphone
  • Go to the Facebook Search Bar
  • Write the hashtag you want to search. For example, write #race or #running and press Enter
  • Now, Facebook will show you different options related to the search. It will show you the section of Posts, Pages, Hashtags, and News, etc. Here, select Hashtags
  • Here, you will see all the pages and the posts that are using the tag that you have searched.

Advantages of Using Hashtags in your Content

Benefits of using the hashtags are countless; however, there are some specific pros that I must mention here. These are:

  • Extended Reach for your Brand
  • Hashtags are memorable for the audience
  • Easy to comprehend
  • Highest Interaction
  • An active community is built

Apart from the benefits above, if you could find the relevant hashtags that are not only trending but also accessible, then your sales will go to the massive heights. HashtagsForLikes is a platform that caters to all of your hashtag needs by providing you with the most appropriate hashtags. You just need to mention the niche of your business, and HashtagsForLikes will do the miracles for you.


Using hashtags on Facebook and Instagram should be your utmost priority to start your business marketing. Be creative and consistent in your efforts, and you will undoubtedly get the fruit.