How to Decorate for Chinese New Year: The Top 4 Decorations Ideas

How to Decorate for Chinese New Year: The Top 4 Decorations Ideas

Just like Christmas and New Year’s Eve in the UK has its own charm, the Chinese New Year has its own. In fact, it would be safe to say that the Chinese New Year is one of the biggest holidays in China and then there’s this Spring Festival that they celebrate with full joy and love.

In China, people take their decorations very seriously and they start preparing for them at least 15 days before. Now, as we all know that Christmas and New Year are just around the corner, it’s time to start preparing for them and this is exactly what we will be talking about in this article.

Today we are going to tell you about some of the best 4 decoration ideas for 2020 that will double up your joy of the Spring Festival. Don’t worry because all these ideas don’t require huge budgets and you can even buy CNY decoration online which means no going-to-the-market hassle.

1-Spring Festival Couplets

In order to express the joy and send away good wishes of New Year to the people, Chinese put the Spring Festival Couplets on both sides of their doors. These couplets are also called “Door Couplets” and you can easily find them in the stores and online too. These couplets are always written with black ink on red paper, making them extremely attractive and perfect for New Year’s decoration. People get different couplets written in order to express their joy and their expression of happiness.

2-New Year Paintings And FU Characters

For those who don’t know, the FU character in Chinese means “blessings and good fortune” and this is the reason why you’ll see it almost everywhere in China on the occasion of New Year. People past the FU character inverted because in Chinese the word “dao” means “coming” and an inverted character just says that “good fortune is coming”. Not only this, in fact, you can also use New Year paintings to decorate your house. The Chinese paintings are always mesmerizing and you can easily get some masterpieces from the market at extremely affordable prices.

3-The Chinese Red Lanterns

It’s not an option, in fact, the Chinese Red Lanterns are a must for every special occasion. In fact, there are two special festivals based on these Red Lanterns that occur every year in China. One is the Mid-Autumn Festival and the other one is the Lantern Festival when the sky is lit with these beautiful red lanterns. Honestly if you ever want to visit China, go during these two festivals and we assure you that you’ll get to see one of the best views of your life.

4-Chinese Knots

The Chinese Knot is a handicraft that comes with a very long history behind. There was a time when these knots were used for recording purposes and then they just because an accessory that’s specifically used during the New Year. These knots make the perfect Chinese New Year gift for friends and relatives. Not only this, in fact, you can even use them to decorate the interior of your house, shops and offices etc. A variety of knots are available in the market and each knot has a special meaning like “safety” and “auspiciousness”.

These are some of the best decorating ideas for the Chinese New Year. So if you are excited about these festivals and if you want to celebrate them in the best possible way then buy these decoration items right now and start preparing right away. We hope this New Year brings love and joy in your life!