How to Make a Review Paper

You may be expected to compose the journal article review. The given review is composed for readers, such as your scientific supervisor, fellow students, or lectures who are knowledgeable in the given discipline and, as a result, are also interested in your personal critical assessment regarding arguments and ideas stated.

When you possess some questions like “how to compose a review paper” or “where to write a review,” the next tips may serve you quite well.

Drafting and composing the review paper

The framework of a review needs to comprise:

  • a preliminary article’s identification (year of publication, title of journal, author, and other significant details) and major areas of the given article.
  • a short summary concerning arguments, content, and range of the article. You can summarize part by part, however, in a short review, you generally grab the primary motifs. This area not generally takes more than a third of the whole review. In any case, you will not have a play on words in your hard such as “reviews on the help.”
  • a critical conversation concerning two/three key problems raised within the article. This area is thought out to be the core of the paper. Also, you should back up facts taken from the text to your criticisms. You might have a desire to point out spaces in the writer’s treatment of the topic; but it is not helpful to criticize a writer for not performing something they never meant to perform.
  • a final analysis of this total contribution made by content to your knowledge concerning the topic.

When doing everything in a correct way, you will learn quickly how to write source reviews.

Checklist for your final rough copy

  • Have you identified this article plainly?
  • Are arguments of an author summarized objectively and clearly?
  • Are two/three key issues clearly set and discussed?
  • Have you provided reasons of your approval for the article and criticism?

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