How To Unlock Disabled iPad?

How To Unlock Disabled iPad?

You must have put a security passcode for the safety and privacy of your iPad. However, you may enter a wrong password, forget it, or your child tries to unlock it using an incorrect pin several times. Now, your iPad is locked and there is no way to open it without the passcode unless you reset it to the factory default setting. This is the only way to unlock disabled iPad.

If you enter incorrect iPad password several times a row, you may experience the following things.

  • 1-5 attempts – There is nothing to worry about.
  • 6 attempts – The device is disabled for a minute.
  • 7 attempts – The device is disabled for five minutes.
  • 8 attempts – The device is disabled for fifteen minutes.
  • 7 attempts – The device is disabled for sixty minutes.
  • 10 attempts and more – The device is completely disabled.

For unlocking the iPad, you will have to delete all the existing data and then restore the data from a recent backup. Although if you do not have any backup, then you will lose all your data.

Unlocking iPad Using iTunes

To unlock your iPad, first of all, you will have to erase the disabled iPad by using either iCloud or iTunes. Using iTunes is recommended because it is an easier process and can be carried on any iPad device. Follow the steps mentioned below to restore the iPad –

  • On your laptop, start iTunes and connect the iPad to the laptop using a USB cable.
  • Then, force your iPad to get into recovery mode. If your iPad unlocks with a Face ID, press the Volume Up and Volume Down button together and then press Power button until the recovery mode screen pops up on your iPad. In case your iPad features a Home button, press, hold both the Power and Home buttons at together until the recovery mode screen shows.
  • Next, you will see dialog box on your laptop, which will read there was an issue with your iPad. Now, click on the Restore option.
  • Once the restore is finished, you can then use the backup from iCloud or iTunes to restore your data.

Unlocking iPad By Find My iPhone

You may not have iTunes installed on your laptop near you and you may not wish to install it. So, you can use Find My iPhone if this feature is already enabled on the iPad.

  • Open the Find My iPhone site or you can use another iOS device for the same, which has Find My iPhone app.
  • Then, find your locked iPad in the devices list and click on it.
  • In case you are using Find My iPhone app, tap Actions. For webpage users, this step will be clicking on i.
  • Select Erase iPad option. You will be required to enter your Apple credentials.
  • Once the iPad is erased and it restarts, you can restore the data using a recent backup.

The Bottom Line

To avoid losing all your important data, you must maintain recent backup on your iPad always. This way, even if you have to reset your iPad in case it gets locked, you would not lose anything.