How to use crepuscular in a sentence?

How to use crepuscular in a sentence?

Crepuscular sentence example

  1. It is a nocturnal or crepuscular animal, generally sleeping during the day, but showing considerable activity by night.
  2. With the sun rising behind there was a short display of upward crepuscular rays.

What is a synonym for crepuscular?

(or sombre), stygian, tenebrific, tenebrous, unlit.

How do you use pliable in a sentence?

Pliable in a Sentence 🔉

  1. Even though the hose seemed pliable, Henry wasn’t able to curve it around the corner of the house.
  2. The pliable wire made it possible to bend it into the ideal contour for slipping through the door frame to unlock the door.

How do you use headstrong in a sentence?

Headstrong sentence example. He was headstrong and determined. “You’re the most headstrong person I’ve ever met,” he said forcefully, and abruptly turned away. Many of it requires negotiations with headstrong warriors like A’Ran.

Can humans be crepuscular?

The gene ASB1, associated with eveningness and a tendency to day-napping is a result of interbreeding between archaic and modern humans and is originally a Neanderthal trait, possibly linked to a more crepuscular lifestyle in this species. Therefore, the chronotype is genetically heritable.

Are cats crepuscular or nocturnal?

Cats are actually not nocturnal but rather crepuscular, which means they are active around dawn and dusk.

What is the opposite of crepuscular?

Both nocturnal and diurnal are antonyms of crepuscular. Your reasoning that the antonym should refer to “animals most active at midday or midnight” fails when you consider that crepuscular animals (for example) are most active before sunrise and after sunset.

What is the meaning of auroral?

auroral Add to list Share. An aurora is an astronomical phenomenon, when colored lights seem to shimmer in the sky. Auroral refers to that display––you might describe it as a show of auroral light. The best known aurora is the aurora borealis, otherwise known as the northern lights.

What is the example of pliable?

The definition of pliable is a person or thing that bends or is easily influenced. An example of a pliable tool is a rubber spatula. An example of a pliable person is someone changing their mind about where they want to eat after very little urging from other people. Easily bent or shaped.

What does the word pliable mean in a sentence?

Meaning of pliable in English A pliable substance bends easily without breaking or cracking: Some kinds of plastic become pliable if they’re heated. often disapproving. A pliable person is easily influenced and controlled by other people: He wanted a sweet, pliable, obedient wife.

What does it mean if someone is headstrong?

1 : not easily restrained : impatient of control, advice, or suggestions a headstrong businessman. 2 : directed by ungovernable will violent headstrong actions. Synonyms & Antonyms Choose the Right Synonym More Example Sentences Learn More About headstrong.

Is headstrong good or bad?

A closer look at the word headstrong can give you a hint to its meaning — the combination of the words head and strong. You’re determined to have your own way because you have a strong belief that your view — what you have in your head — is the best one. Being a headstrong person is not always a bad thing.