How use XPath with or condition?

How use XPath with or condition?

Using an OR condition in Xpath to identify the same element

  1. Is there any specific reason for using xpath to find out the page title?
  2. if you are looking OR (|) operator in xpath, you can try like this “(.//span[@class=’g-title’])[2]|.//span[@class=’g-title’]” .

What is conditional XPath?

You can define an XPath expression to set the conditional expression that determines whether a transform is applied in a message map. When the XPath expression evaluates to true, the transform is applied.

What is the use of in XPath?

XPath is a technique in Selenium to navigate through the HTML structure of a page. XPath enables testers to navigate through the XML structure of any document, and this can be used on both HTML and XML documents.

Which symbol is not used in XPath?

2 Answers. The null character. Seriously. Because an XPath is supposed to support any XML document, it must be capable of matching text nodes that contain any allowed Unicode character.

Can we use comparison operators in XPath?

XPath expressions can use comparison operators. Comparison operators compare one value to another. The resulting value is a “boolean” value. For example, you could use a comparison operator to check if one number is greater than another number.

How do I combine two Xpaths?

2 Answers. selects the union of all nodes selected by expr1 and all nodes selected by expr2. The | character denotes the XPath union operator. You can use the union operator in any case when you want the union of the nodes selected by several XPath expressions to be returned.

How do you check if an element exists in the XML using XPath?

To verify if node or tag exists in XML content, you can execute an xpath expression against DOM document for that XML and count the matching nodes.

  1. matching nodes > zero – XML tag / attribute exists.
  2. matching nodes <= zero – XML tag / attribute does not exist.

Why dot is used in XPath?

The dot, or period, character (“.”) in XPath is called the “context item expression” because it refers to the context item. That’s because the context item is not defined at the top level in XQuery. When “.” doesn’t yield an error, it returns an item (node or atomic value).

How write not contain in XPath?

Xpath not(contains attribute) XPath to find elements that does not have an id or class, Pretty straightforward: //tr[not(@id) and not(@class)]. That will give you all tr elements lacking both id and class attributes.

What are the different types of operators in XPath?

XPath Operators

Operator Description
+ Addition Operator
Subtraction Operator
* Multiplication Operator
div Division Operator

What are two examples of XPath operators?

XPath Operators

Operator Description Example
| Computes two node-sets //book | //cd
+ Addition 6 + 4
Subtraction 6 – 4
* Multiplication 6 * 4

Can you use or condition in XPath software?

Definitely you can use OR condition such as //a [text ()=’Or Conditions in ‘ | text ()=’Xpath’] but as I understand your requirements, I would suggest using contains. Your second xpath should work. Please check your text’s case.

When to use boolean or not in XPath?

Boolean OR (or ) : With OR expression among the two conditions, one condition must be true or both the conditions may be true. Boolean not (not () ) : Returns True if one expression is false and in vice-versa (opposite value).

How are XPath operators defined in XML Path Language?

XML Path Language (XPath Operators) being an XML standard have few sets of operators can be defined as an expression which is structured using special Symbols and Operators and make use of the attribute type to work with node- sets. It defines operators, string and functions on nodes and follows the order of precedence.

How are XPath operators used in SQL Server?

XPath Operators take Xpath expressions are dependent on context and implement functions and operators in a node which we select. The XML operators are supported on a small SQL specification with the own meaning. While carrying its operation on arithmetic it is done in floating-point and for comparison nodes are done with strings.