Ignore those who criticize you

Pay no attention to those who criticize social media correctly means to save efforts and properly allocate your time. Often our emotional preferences can even hinder quality of the brand and long-term effect of PR. It is necessary to clearly determine which people “waste time”. Seth Godin in his next post reflects on the correct priorities in online communication.

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If you find 100 comments on your blog post or 100 reviews about your new book, or 100 messages on Twitter about you… two of which are negative and 98 positive…  which ones you read first?

If you are a human being and tell the truth, the answer is obvious: you want first of all to know who are lost to society losers who dared to talk about you bad things, and, of course, you want to know what they said. Moreover, to be completely honest, chances are you’ll take everything they said about you, very close to my heart.

Well, bad if so. Critics will never be pleased with you, that is what makes them critically acclaimed. If you start to do what the critics say, they will be interested with you and they start to criticize someone else. In any case, you will make them your fans.

No matter what make, Groucho, Elvis, Britney, or any of famous stars, critics will always be unhappy. To change their behavior to satisfy them is pointless.

And now, perhaps, unexpected idea. It is not necessary to pay attention to the fans.

Your fans don’t want your change, they prefer to, in fact, what you can offer them, remained the same, of course, with the addition of other pleasing to them of goods and services. Your fans want lower prices, more attractive offers, large portions and more frequent deliveries.

But who should pay attention?

Those who “infected” you like sneezes your ideas (sneezers)

You need to take care of those people who talk about you to others. Those who criticize would be the sluggish types who don’t care whether or not they have done the duties available nicely. While this worker moves for prayer and learns the prayer phone and prevents everything, he/she is likely to be criticized for this as well. Listen to the people who grow that tell you about your wonderful products to others. If you will capture these people, also trottinette.