Is AMD A8 4500M APU good for gaming?

Is AMD A8 4500M APU good for gaming?

Fusion A8-4500M Quad Core is a 4 core fast middle-class mobile CPU based on the Trinity architecture and that features a Radeon HD 7640G GPU clocked at 497 MHz (655 MHz in Turbo mode) with 256 Pipelines. Still, it should be enough to run the most demanding games at decent settings, paired with the appropriate GPU.

Is AMD same as i3?

Basically, the closest AMD equivalent to the Intel Core i3 processor is the Ryzen 3 line of CPUs. Much like the Core i3s, Ryzen 3 CPUs are meant for budget gamers, beginner content creators and generally for systems that aren’t built for very high computing demands. The Intel Core i3 is a basic CPU line from Intel.

Is the AMD a8-4500m a quad core processor?

Although marketed as a quad-core processor, the A8-4500M includes only two modules with four integer-cores and two floating-point cores total. As a result, the CPU is not a true quad-core processor.

What should my Apu score be for AMD a8-4500m?

The range of scores (95th – 5th percentile) for the AMD A8-4500M APU is 20%. This is a relatively narrow range which indicates that the AMD A8-4500M APU performs reasonably consistently under varying real world conditions.

Which is better Intel Core i3 or a8-4500m?

In terms of raw general performance, the A8-4500M performs similar to the Llano-based A8-3500M. Single-threaded workloads can especially benefit from the new architecture and the updated Turbo Core functionality. If compared to Intels Core-i3-series, the A8-4500M offers less performance in most cases.

Is there overclocking data for AMD A8 series?

Sorry, we do not have overclocking data for this AMD A8-Series for Notebooks microprocessor at this time. May 16, 2012: AMD yesterday launched Comal mobile platform, accompanied by several mobile Accelerated Processing Units (APU).