Is Aura Kingdom still good?

Is Aura Kingdom still good?

Final Verdict: Great Aside from having an interesting story, great anime-inspired graphics, and a beautiful soundtrack, Aura Kingdom also has everything players look for in an MMORPG. The game has action-packed PVE, pets, instanced dungeons, as well as challenging and fast-paced PVP arenas for the hardcore PVP players.

How do you increase Eidolon points Aura Kingdom?

The only way to give your Eidolons experience points and level up is by feeding them various Eidolon experience crystals. These crystals have “sizes” which give different amount of experience points to your eidolons.

Can you play Aura Kingdom solo?

The Divine Trial is a multi-player battlefield where participants can choose between solo or party mode.

How do you get eidolons in Aura Kingdom?

As you quest along and hunt monsters, you will obtain some Eidolon Energy Crystals in Aura Kingdom. When you have at least 75 of them, you can turn them into Eidolon summon devices. You can either fuse 75 of them with 5 gold and 1 hero emblem for an open world summon device.

How many Eidolons are there in Aura Kingdom?

When do you get your Eidolon in Aura Kingdom?

Stay tuned for an Aura Kingdom Eidolon Leveling Guide for more information. Choose a starter eidolon (Serif, Merrilee, Grimm, or Aleesa,) during character creation. Progress through the beginning story in Port Skandia to eventually unlock your eidolon at level 10.

How does evolving an eidolon increase your stats?

Evolving an eidolon raises the limit to which you can boost stats up until the next grayed-out box in your Eidolon Menu. Your eidolon has base stats (Eidolon Info, bottom of the Eidolon Area) that go up as you level your eidolon with experience crystals (which will also in turn increase the stat boost you get from your Eidolon Resonance buff).

How many Eidolons can you summon at a time?

The requirements for each stars are: Prior to level 25, Envoys can only summon their starter Eidolon to the battlefield. After reaching level 25, Envoys can recruit three additional available and acquired Eidolons to the Eidolon party to form a maximum of four Eidolons in the party list, including the starter Eidolon.

What can you do with the Eidolon system?

The Eidolon system can be activated with H and N. H stands for Connecting/Linking to Gaia to acquire special items while N is the Eidolon Area. You can do all sorts of things in the Eidolon Area such as feeding your Eidolon or upgrading their stats.