Is burgau a touristy?

Is burgau a touristy?

An Introduction to Burgau Well luckily for you there is a smattering of charming fishing villages now catering for a more touristy experience. Today we are taking a closer look at Burgau, a wonderful former fishing village located in a supreme bay approximately 25 minutes by car from Lagos.

Is burgau nice?

Burgau is a fantastic town to take in and enjoy the Portuguese culture while enjoying a relaxing vacation. It’s nice to take a few days (or even a week!) when traveling to slow down and rest. Here, the pace is slow- no one is in a hurry and everyone seems to be enjoying themselves.

Is there a beach in Praia do Burgau?

Praia do Burgau is a lovely little sandy beach located in the small (and relatively unspoiled) fishing village of Burgau. The beach is backed by high, sloping cliffs and all but disappears when the tide comes in. Roughly halfway between Sagres and Lagos the beach isn’t too far off the beaten track and is well worth a visit.

Which is the best part of Burgau to visit?

The focal point of Burgau really is the beach, Praia do Burgau. The impressive golden sand beach stretches the entire width – around 350m of the bay. On either side of the beach are the typical steep cliffs of the west Algarve.

Are there any Watersports at Burgau Beach?

Cycling the Algarve coast, we passed through Burgau and took a detour to the beach leaving me to think: why aren’t we… The beach is beautiful with stunning views out to sea, watersports are available along with sunbeds under shade, ours… Suggest edits to improve what we show.