Is chings Chinese an Indian company?

Is chings Chinese an Indian company?

To be sure, Ching’s Secret describes itself as a “desi Chinese brand”. It is owned by Capital Foods, which looked to cash in on the popularity of Chinese food in India. The company launched Chings’s Secret in 1996 and the brand’s USP was its mixture of Indian masalas with Chinese spices.

Does Ching’s masala contain Ajinomoto?

Ching’s Secret on Twitter: “@mrzoozoo Ching’s Secret Schezwan Miracle Masala does not contain any msg/ajinomoto :)”

How do you use chings schezwan stir fry?

Ching’s Schezwan Stir-Fry Sauce is a delicious fusion of colour, heat and aroma with its fiery red chillies, ginger-garlic Sichuan peppercorns and Desi Chinese masalas. Add Schezwani tadka to fried rice and chowmein. Use it as a lively dip for chicken lollipops, bhajiyas, spring rolls or wontons.

How do you make chings schezwan?


  1. Heat 4 tbsp of oil in pan and add all finely chopped vegetables and stir fry 2-3 min on high flame.
  2. After 3 min add 6 cups of boiled rice and mix well or stir fry.
  3. Add Ching’s Secret Schezwan Fried Rice Masala and stir fry for 1-2 min.
  4. Serve hot Tasty Schezwan Fried Rice.

Is chings noodles made in India?

When Ajay Gupta, promoter of Capital Foods, decided to sell instant noodles and soups under the brand name Ching’s Secret, many thought he wouldn’t be able to digest the diversification.

Is chings banned in India?

Weeks after imposing a ban on Maggi, the Gujarat government has ordered Valsad-based Captain Foods Pvt. Ltd to recall its popular instant noodles Ching’s Schezwan from the market after tests showed that it contained taste enhancer mono sodium glutamate in “excessive” amount.

Does Ching’s Masala have MSG?

Capital Foods Pvt Ltd’s Ching’s Manchurian instant noodles was found to have 154.02 MSG while its Ching’s Secret Veg Hakka Noodles had 1232.53 mg/KG MSG. Glaxo Smithkline Consumer Healthcare Limited’s Foodles Multigrain Ala Masala Noodles has 203.53 mg/KG MSG.

Does Ching’s schezwan chutney contain Ajinomoto?

But yes most store bought bottled schezwan sauce contain ajinomoto.

Where is schezwan sauce used?

Schezwan sauce is a flavorful, spicy and hot condiment that is used as a dip. It can also be used to make fried rice, noodles, appetizers & snacks.

What is the difference between schezwan sauce and schezwan chutney?

Schezwan sauce is used for cooking, while schezwan chutney is served directly with food. Chutney Schezwan and Schezwan sauce, both have been the favorite spice for all the foods that everybody likes the taste of Chinese Spice.

What is schezwan made of?

Schezwan sauce is a popular Indo-Chinese condiment made with red chilies, garlic, soya sauce, vinegar and Sichuan peppers. Also known as schezwan chutney, it gets the name from the use of Sichuan peppers in the preparation of this sauce.

How do you use schezwan powder?


  1. First in a pan add dry red chillies and roast on low flame for a min.
  2. Add all ingredients into the blender/grinder jar and grind to make powder.
  3. Schezwan masala powder is ready. Add tsp of oil, mix well and store in airtight container and refrigerator it.