Is foundation a good skateboard brand?

Is foundation a good skateboard brand?

Foundation is truly the underdog of modern day skateboarding. Their underrated team of skateboarders have come out with some of the best street skating footage of late and their decks are of superior strength and quality. Check out their recent video “Souvenir” to see more of what this brand is all about.

Who makes foundation skateboards?

Tum Yeto distribution company
About Foundation Skateboards Created in 1989, Foundation is owned by the Tum Yeto distribution company. They are the sister company of well known brand Toy Machine. Foundation created the world’s largest skateboard, and were written into the Guinness World Records book on October 4th, 2004.

When did foundation skateboards come out?

Foundation Skateboards was founded in 1989 by professional skateboarder Tod Swank. Long before his days with Foundation Skateboards, Swank grew up skating at the Del Mar Skate Ranch during the late 1970s.

Where is foundation skateboards?

San Diego
Foundation Skateboards: Decks from San Diego The company worked under Roccos World Industries for two years before Swank took over the label in 1991 and put together a genuine street skate team.

What happened Cole Wilson?

He was cremated and interred in the Green Park Cemetery in Dunedin. Myra survived him by 20 years having passed away on 30 April 2013 at the age of 87 years. Cole himself was 70 at the time of his passing.

Is Bro style affiliated with Tumyeto?


Who owns Tum Yeto?

Tod Swank
Watson Laminates has been acquired by Tod Swank, founder and owner of Tum Yeto, Inc., home of Foundation Skateboards, Toy Machine Bloodsucking Skateboard Company, Dekline Footware and Apparel, Pig Wood and Wheels, Ruckus Trucks and Deathbox Skateboards.

Where is Corey Glick from?

Corey Glick from IL USA Skateboarding Profile Bio, Photos, and Videos.

Does Tony Hawk donate to charity?

Tony Hawk Charity Work, Events and Causes The world-famous skateboarder founded the Tony Hawk Foundation. Hawk has donated a signed skateboard deck to the Seany Foundation.

What has Tony Hawk done for the community?

And through its international program, it has provided technical and financial support to assist youth in countries such as Afghanistan, Cambodia and South Africa. Hawk saw the need to lend his name to a charity in his early 30s, as his popularity was peaking.

Do you need a logo for a skateboard?

However, you still need a killer logo that looks good on a sticker. As skaters, we identify with products that enable us to skate our best. The industry is built around that trust, and brands build an identity on being accepted by skateboarders.

Who is the founder of enjoi skateboard company?

Enjoi is the brainchild of Marc Johnson, whose career stretches back to the halcyon days of the early 1990s. It launched the careers of Jerry Hsu and Louie Barletta. The company changed hands in the early 2000s, but that adorable panda remains enigmatic of the brand.

Why are skateboard companies important to the world?

The stories of starting and running these companies are of warriors and entrepreneurs. These brands not only survived as businesses, they defined a culture of skaters. They created videos to inspire us and media to entertain. They supported the professionals. These pros in turn showed us what was possible with a skateboard.