Is gold tone a good banjo?

Is gold tone a good banjo?

If you’re looking for a featherweight 5-string banjo that sounds great, has an excellent set-up right out of the box, and has a very affordable price, the Gold Tone AC-1 is a winner. Whether clawhammer or Scruggs-style is your method, the banjo delivers superb sound for its price and weight.

Can you tune a Banjolele like a tenor banjo?

Yes. You will need to replace your top string (fourth from bottom) with a thicker string made for the lower note, but you can absolutely use low-G tuning on a soprano, concert, or tenor Banjo Ukulele.

Is a Banjolele tuned the same as a ukulele?

The Ukulele Banjo is tuned exactly the same as a soprano or concert ukulele and the popular tunings are G C E A (Regular ‘C’ tuning) or A D F# B (known as ‘D’ Tuning) ‘C’ tuning which is the recognised standard and most popular tuning for ukulele.

What are the best strings for a Banjolele?

In general they should have nylon strings. I use D’addario nyltech. Nylon and nylon-like strings will stretch a lot for a number of days before they settle down.

Are Recording King banjos good?

Best Deals on Select Recording King Banjos These eye-catching banjos are popular due to their prewar styling. Not only do they look great, but they also include a classic Mastertone-style bell brass cast tone ring so expect a powerful sound. They are excellent banjos at a lower price point compared to similar models.

What is the tuning for a banjolele?

The banjolele is commonly tuned G–C–E–A (“C Tuning”) or A–D–F♯–B (“D Tuning”), with a re-entrant 4th string. The A–D–F♯–B tuning often produces a more strident tone, and is used for this reason.

What is the tuning for the banjolele?

Are banjolele strings the same as ukulele strings?

You can use any string you want, banjo ukes aren’t any different.

Can you put steel strings on a banjolele?

Check with the builder/manufacturer if you can. Odds are pretty good that an instrument designed/marketed as a banjolele will not be braced for steel strings.

What kind of banjo tuning does Deering use?

The 17 fret tenor banjo ukes by Deering are something special and offer you a whole new sound using the same concert banjo uke tuning providing an excellent alternative sound to the standard scale Ukelele banjos by Deering. while providing an excellent alternative sound to the standard scale Ukelele banjos by Deering.

What kind of music does gold tone play?

Gold Tone Artists. Gold Tone is proud to support wonderful musicians from all over the world. From traditional old-time music, bluegrass, and rock, to modern indie and beyond, we love to hear what artists come up with and are proud to be a part of that influence!

What kind of Banjo has 17 fret necks?

I’m a bluegrass banjo player but this instrument makes me want to get one of these. 17 Fret necks are what Irish tenors have, in a UKE Banjo?Awesome, and tell me this doesn’t look cool too. Beats the 8 inch banjo ukes in both appearance and versatility, and I think it tops the 11 inch Deering uke too which i think is awesome too.

Who are the founders of gold tone music?

Gold Tone was founded by Wayne and Robyn Rogers, who still operate it to this day. Our extended family works hard every day to ensure that each instrument that leaves our facility meets the highest standards of utility and value. At Gold Tone, we care about YOU, the player.