Is Haysden country park free?

Is Haysden country park free?

Pay and display tickets must be purchased from the main car park for both Haysden Water and Audley Rise car parks. There are also marked disabled bays in the main car park, with lakeside parking available for blue badge holders using a RADAR key to open the barrier by the toilets.

How big is Haysden Country park?

about 65 hectares
Haysden Country Park lies on the western outskirts of Tonbridge. It covers an area of about 65 hectares and includes a range of natural habitats such as river, grassland, freshwater lakes, marshland and woodland. The site is designated as a Local Nature Reserve and in part a Site of Nature Conservation Interest.

How deep is Haysden Lake?

approximately 3.6 metres
The Lake is approximately 3.6 metres (12 feet) deep. A World War II pillbox can be found in the hedgerow along the riverbank. This pillbox and others along the River Medway formed part of the Ironside Line.

How long is the walk around Barden Lake?

0.8 mile
Barden Lake is a 0.8 mile (2,000-step) route located near Tonbridge, England. This route has an elevation gain of about 0 ft and is rated as easy. Find the best walking trails near you in Pacer App….Barden Lake.

Length 0.8 mi
Est. Steps 2000

Can you swim in Barden Lake?

The bailiffs on Barden Lake have created another fine swim in the Willow Bay area. The old ‘Secret’ swim has been closed during the summer months and this new safer ‘Secret’ swim will be open all year round.

What time does Leybourne Lakes close?

The park opens at 7.30 every day and closes at dusk (but no later than 9pm).

Can you swim in Haysden Lake?

Based at the beautiful Tonbridge Sailing Club facilities with 2 water entrance points: wade-in slip-way, or deep water jetty. This wonderful, safe setting for swimming offers private changing rooms, toilet, and picnic areas. All members and spectators must sign in and out.

Can you swim in Haysden Country Park?

Set in Haysden Country Park, this beautiful lake is surrounded by woodland with a swim loop of 600m and 900m that is perfect for distance swimming, technique improvements and fitness.

How long is the walk around Haysden?

A linear walk of 1.25 miles (2km). The path surface across the park is short grass followed by a hardened surface with occasional stones up to 50mm.

Is it safe to swim in Whitstable?

Water bosses have reassured beachgoers planning a trip to the seaside the water is safe to enter amid fears pollution had been pumped into the sea.

Where can I swim in Whitstable?

Whitstable Beach. Beaches, Outdoor. Whitstable Beach.

  • The Street. Beaches, Outdoor. The Street.
  • Seasalter Beach. Beaches, Outdoor. Seasalter Beach.
  • Herne Bay. Beaches, Outdoor. Herne Bay.
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  • Minnis Bay. Beaches, Outdoor.
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  • Can you walk around Leybourne Lakes?

    Leybourne Lakes is a 1.8 mile loop trail located near Snodland, Kent, England that features a lake and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for walking. The pathways which are flat and all hard surfaced provide good access to wheelchairs and buggies.