Is Kai Ryssdal still on Marketplace?

Is Kai Ryssdal still on Marketplace?

Marketplace is produced and distributed by American Public Media. Ryssdal took over in August 2005, replacing David Brown….

Kai Ryssdal
Show Marketplace
Military career
Service/branch United States Navy
Years of service 1985–1993

Is Marketplace owned by NPR?

Hosted by Kai Ryssdal since 2005, the show is produced and distributed by American Public Media.

What does Kai Ryssdal make?

Of those individuals, only two of them are on-air talent: Marketplace hosts Kai Ryssdal who earned $400,004 plus $46,864 in “other compensation” (retirement, health contributions) etc., and David Brancaccio, who earned $358,785 plus $21,188 in other compensation.

Who is the host of Marketplace on NPR?

host Kai Ryssdal
Marketplace : NPR. Marketplace Every weekday, host Kai Ryssdal helps you make sense of the day’s business and economic news — no econ degree or finance background required. “Marketplace” takes you beyond the numbers, bringing you context.

Who is Kai Ryssdal wife?

Stephanie Fossanm. 1997
Kai Ryssdal/Wife

How do I contact Kai Ryssdal?

He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and four children. Please direct all media inquiries and booking requests to [email protected]

Who owns the marketplace?

The MarketPlace

Formerly Piggly Wiggly
Key people Alvin Ferreira
Products Groceries
Owner Alvin Ferreira

What happened Facebook marketplace?

While there are separate apps for Facebook Local and Facebook Messenger, Facebook Marketplace operates completely within the main Facebook app and website. If you’re installing apps on a new phone or tablet, all you need to access Facebook Marketplace is the main Facebook app.

What is Scott Simon salary?

Executives Listed on Filing

Name Title Total Salary
Scott Simon SR. HOST, WE $424,362
Thomas Hjelm CHIEF DIGITAL OFFICER $395,592
Peter Sagal HOST, WWDTM $381,135

Who is Kai Ryssdal married to?

Kai Ryssdal/Spouse

Where did Kai Ryssdal work before joining Marketplace?

After leaving the Navy, Ryssdal worked at a Border’s Books & Music location in Palo Alto, California for $7 an hour. Before joining Marketplace, Ryssdal was a reporter and substitute host for The California Report, a news and information program distributed to public radio stations throughout California by KQED-FM in San Francisco.

Kai Ryssdal. Kai Ryssdal (/ˈkaɪ ˈrɪzdɑːl/; born October 8, 1963) is an American radio journalist and the host of Marketplace, a business program that airs weekdays on U.S. public radio stations. He also co-hosts the spinoff podcast Make Me Smart with Molly Wood.

Where did Kai from marketplace live as a child?

Raised in Europe as a child—first England for five years, then Denmark for three—he struggled with English upon returning to the States. He recalls his mother spending time with him after school each day, sanding off Scandinavia.

Where did Kai Ryssdal live as a child?

His surname is Norwegian, as his father was born in Norway. He spent several years of his childhood in England and Denmark before moving back to the United States at age eight, living in Westchester County, New York. He graduated from Emory University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in History in 1985.