Is Lagos State civil service recruiting?

Is Lagos State civil service recruiting?

Lagos State Civil Service Commission Recruitment 2021/2022 Application Update. Lagos State Civil Service Commission recently announced their ongoing recruitment into several positions in the service. Read below, to get the latest information concerning the recruitment process, requirements, skills, qualifications etc.

How can I apply for civil service in Lagos State?

How to apply:

  1. Apply at
  2. Make sure you complete the online registration form on or before the recruitment application form closing date.
  3. Read the different positions before deciding on the one you like.
  4. Apply for your preferred choice duh.

Is Lagos State government recruiting presently?

Lagos State Government Recruitment 2021 is currently ongoing! Have you been searching or eager to work in a government establishment especially Lagos State Government? If Yes, search no further. Get the latest information about how to apply for Lagos State Government jobs for graduates and undergraduates.

How much does Lagos State pay level 8?

Grade Level 8 is often the entry level for Bachelor’s degree holders. The monthly income for Grade Level 8 civil a servant is between 164,434 NGN and 244,644 NGN. On a yearly basis, the workers earn between 1,973,208 NGN and 2,935,928 NGN.

Why do you want to work in Lagos state government?

Working with Lagos State Government has improve my perspective of life, reshaped and help me to be more organized and resourceful in every facet of life. It gives me avenue to improve myself in every work of life, sectors and industry. It also gives me opportunity to serve in every industries.

Which recruitment is ongoing in Nigeria?

Federal Government (FG) of Nigeria recruitment is currently ongoing.

How much does Lagos state pay teachers?

The average salary for a Teacher is NGN 50,000 per month in Lagos, which is 4% lower than the average Lagos State Government salary of NGN 52,500 per month for this job.

How do I apply for Tesco in Lagos?

How to Apply for Lagos State Tescom Recruitment 2021

  1. Login to
  2. Click on Register.
  3. Fill in the required information.
  4. Upload the documents required on the portal.
  5. Click on Submit.

What is the salary of Lagos state teachers?

Lagos Teachers Salary The average salary of Lagos state teachers is ₦59,000, Where the entry level salary is ₦46,000, And senior level salary is ₦81,000.