Is Maxthon safe?

Is Maxthon safe?

If you haven’t already installed and used Maxthon Cloud Browser, it is just an alternative worth a try. First of all, Maxthon Cloud Browser has been tested by lots of 3rd party labs that it’s clean of viruses and malware. Many download sites will conduct tests on virus and malware before including certain software.

What is Maxthon?

Website. Maxthon (Chinese: 傲游浏览器, formerly named MyIE2) is a freeware web browser developed by the company Maxthon Ltd., based in Beijing, China. It is available for Windows, macOS, Linux, and as Maxthon Mobile for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone 8.

Is Maxthon browser any good?

Maxthon isn’t the fastest or securest web browser we tested, but it has the basic features most people need. It also includes a few unique features. For example, you can drag and drop images and content into chat, text and email messages to quickly share info with your contacts.

How do I get rid of Maxthon cloud browser?

You can also uninstall Maxthon Browser via “Start > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs”. Click the “Maxthon Browser” entry and click the “Remove” button, then follow the instructions to uninstall Maxthon Browser.

What is the use of Maxthon?

Mattson says Maxthon emphasizes three things: performance, portability and out-of-box experience. The browser works across all platforms, making it convenient for people who use both Mac and Windows or different mobile operating systems to keep their data in sync across devices with a Maxthon Passport account.

Is Maxthon a cloud browser?

Maxthon releases Maxthon Cloud Browser bringing multi device seamless web browsing to IOS, Windows, Android and Mac.

Is Maxthon open source?

These days, the popular Chinese web browser is called Maxthon Cloud Browser and it is based on the open source Chromium web browser, supports all the extensions from the Google Chrome Store, and it provides a unified user interface across all supported platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Windows Phone.

How do I remove Maxthon browser from my Mac?

Instructions for Mac OS users: Navigate to the Applications folder; Click on Maxthon Browser file and hold it; Drag Maxthon Browser icon to Trash; Select Empty Trash option.