Is Merlo Coffee Australian owned?

Is Merlo Coffee Australian owned?

RETAIL, WHOLESALE & ONLINE Today, Merlo is proud to be one of Australia’s leading independently owned and operated coffee roasters. In addition to supplying the public and our own Merlo stores with freshly roasted coffee every day, we also supply more than 1,500 cafes and restaurants throughout Australia.

Who owns Merlo coffee?

founder Dean Merlo
Our founder Dean Merlo and CEO James Wilkinson have some exciting news – read all about it below!

Who started Merlo coffee?

Dean Merlo
Founder of Merlo Coffee, Dean Merlo, revealed the secrets to his success at a recent student guest lecture at The University of Queensland.

Is Merlo coffee fair trade?

Merlo is the only roaster in the world to have secured these award winning beans from the Lucitania farm in the heart of Colombia. The privately owned farm has been perfecting their beans for over 20 years, and is certified by the Rainforest Alliance, Fairtrade International and UTZ, a program for sustainable farming.

Where are Merlo coffee beans grown?

In keeping with tradition, January at Merlo is all about Australia, with an Aussie bean of the month from Mountain Top Estate in the Scenic Rim region of Northern New South Wales.

Is Vittoria coffee Australia?

Vittoria Coffee is one of Australia’s best-known brands and is one of the leading coffee producers in Australia. The company was first established in Australia in 1947 by two Italian brothers, the Cantarella brothers, who understood that there was a need to introduce European foods into Australia.

Where is Merlo coffee from?

For many coffee lovers in Melbourne “it’s about time”. Merlo, famed for its commitment to premium flavour and authenticity in its home state of Queensland, has now opened its first Torrefazione (Italian for roasting house) in Melbourne at the iconic Queen Victoria Market.

Is Merlo Coffee gluten free?

Vegan, gluten and nut free.

Is Merlo Coffee ethical?

Our Brazilian is Rainforest Alliance certified, which means it meets strict environmental and ethical standards. Keep your Merlo coffee fresh by following our easy guide for the best way to store your coffee.

Is Moccona ethically sourced?

We’re passionate about making a more sustainable industry, from responsible sourcing and through the manufacturing and distribution processes. Moccona coffee is created using two of the world’s finest beans: Arabica and the Robusta.

Are any coffee beans grown in Australia?

Australian grown coffee comes from two major regions in Australia. The Atherton tablelands in Queensland and Northern New South Wales. It is here that you will find the origins of our Australian Estate Coffee. These regions are excellent for growing coffee because of the rich soils and perfect climate they enjoy.

Is any coffee grown in Australia?

Coffee production in Australia is a developing industry, which began (in its modern form) in the 1980s and 90s. In north Queensland, there are about seven growers producing coffee on 175 hectares; and in north east New South Wales and south east Queensland, there are about 40 growers producing coffee on 150 hectares.