Is Rwanda hot or cold?

Is Rwanda hot or cold?

In Rwanda, the “land of a thousand hills”, located just south of the Equator, the climate is pleasantly warm all year round, with cool nights, because of the altitude. In fact, most of the country is located on a plateau, around 1,500 meters (5,000 feet) above sea level.

Does it get cold in Kigali?

Rwanda’s Temperatures Unlike many other African countries away from the equator, it is neither too hot nor too cold. In the capital, Kigali, temperatures are stable all year round and hover around 26/27 °C (79/81 °F) during the day and around 15/16 °C (59/61 °F) at night.

What is the best time to visit Kigali?

In the capital, Kigali, the average daily temperature is about 21°C. Rwanda’s long rainy season lasts from about March to May, when the rain is heavy and persistent. Then from June to mid-September is the long dry season; this is generally the best time to visit if you have the choice.

Does Rwanda get cold?

Rwanda boasts an agreeable tropical climate that’s not too hot or too cold. Average daytime temperatures in Rwanda hover around 75 degrees Fahrenheit in the lower mountains, and a much cooler 55 degrees Fahrenheit along the higher mountains, while nighttime temperatures average in the 60s.

What is the coldest month in Rwanda?

The best time of year to visit Kigali in Rwanda The warmest month is August with an average maximum temperature of 27°C (80°F). The coldest month is July with an average maximum temperature of 24°C (75°F).

How high is Kigali?

1,567 m

Does it snow in Kigali?

When can you find snow in Kigali? Weather stations report no annual snow.

Is Kigali hot or cold?

The climate in Kigali is warm and overcast. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 61°F to 82°F and is rarely below 58°F or above 87°F.

What is Kigali known for?

Kigali is the major arrival point for tourists visiting Rwanda’s national parks and tracking mountain gorillas, and has its own sites of interest such as the Kigali Genocide Memorial and ecotourist facilities, as well as bars, coffee shops and restaurants.

Does Rwanda have summer?

Abstract. The values of 0.68 and 1.23 of the inter-monthly pluviometric coefficient are used to differentiate in Rwanda four pluviometric seasons corresponding to the four thermal ones: the normal season (summer), the rainy season (autumn), the dry season (winter) and the normo-rainy season (spring).

Is Kigali a modern city?

Kigali is one of Africa’s rising cities: it is clean and organised and, thanks to an ambitious national development plan, the city has become an ultramodern metropolis that boasts recognizable social, economic and environmental successes.