Is Samsung Galaxy A31 bad in gaming?

Is Samsung Galaxy A31 bad in gaming?

When you’re not gaming, the Galaxy A31 does well enough. We tested the variant with 6GB of RAM, and apps open quickly and the animations are mostly smooth, though there are the usual stutters and lag at times, like when you switch between two apps. In any case, this phone isn’t meant for serious gaming.

Is Samsung Galaxy A3 a good phone?

The Samsung Galaxy A3 has a 4.5-inch 540 x 960 Super AMOLED display with a pixel density of 245 pixels per inch….

Pros Cons
+ Good camera – Average battery
Verdict: The Samsung Galaxy A3 is a stylish, well connected phone, but despite being the bottom of the range it’s not cheap and it’s underpowered for the money.

Is Samsung M31 good for gaming?

The Exynos 9611 is a tried-and-tested SoC and it’s very good at handling a mid-range phone. So the M31 runs smoothly for day-to-day usage with little to no lags or stutters. The gaming performance of the phone is also pretty good. I was able to run titles like PUBG Mobile, Asphalt 9 without any issues.

Is A51 better than A31?

In contrast, the Galaxy A51 has a slightly larger 6.5-inch Super AMOLED full-HD+ (1,080×2,400 pixels) display….Galaxy A31 vs Galaxy A51: Specifications.

Samsung Galaxy A31 Samsung Galaxy A51
Processor make MediaTek Helio P65 Samsung Exynos 9611
Internal storage 128GB 128GB
Expandable storage Yes Yes

How do I clear the cache on my Samsung a3?

  1. 1 Go to Settings, then tap Apps.
  2. 2 Select the app that you want to clear the cache for.
  3. 3 Tap Storage.
  4. 4 Tap Clear cache.

What year did the A3 Samsung come out?

October 2014
Samsung Galaxy A3 (2015)/Introduced

What year did Samsung Galaxy A3 come out?

What replaced the Samsung A3?

Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017)

Brand Samsung Galaxy
Predecessor Samsung Galaxy A3 (2016)
Successor Samsung Galaxy A6 / A6+ (2018)
Related Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) Samsung Galaxy A7 (2017) Samsung Galaxy S7 Samsung Galaxy Note 7
Type Touchscreen smartphone

Is the Samsung Galaxy A3 a good phone?

The Samsung Galaxy A3 is a handset for those after a compact phone, one on an affordable contract, or a device that can be bought SIM-free without anxiety-inducing cost. Compare the price against the specs featured, however, and the A3 doesn’t offer the greatest deal around.

How big is the screen on the Samsung A3 core?

The Samsung Galaxy A3 Core runs on Android OS v10.0 Go Edition out of the box, but the Galaxy A3 Core’s firmware can be upgraded to a newer version of OS. Screen size is measured in inches, diagonally from corner to corner. The 5.3 inches PLS capacitive touch screen with 720 x 1480 px resolution is multitouch capable.

How big is the battery on the Samsung Galaxy A3?

The placement of the speaker does allow for a clear sound when holding the device in portrait orientation, but you may end up covering it when watching videos or playing games while in landscape orientation. The Galaxy A3 is a small and compact phone, and that reflects in the rather small 1,900 mAh battery of the device.

When does the Samsung Galaxy A3 come out?

Samsung Galaxy A3 price and release date Launch price: £279 ($250, around AU$455) SIM free Current price: £225 ($250, around AU$375) Release date: January 2017