Is Swedbank in USA?

Is Swedbank in USA?

In the U.S., Swedbank is located in central New York, Manhattan. You can reach us by phone or via your local Client Executive in Sweden or Norway.

Is Swedbank International?

We have international branches in China, Denmark, Finland, Norway and the USA, offering a wide variety of services to meet your banking needs.

Is Swedbank Swedish?

Swedish Banking is Swedbank’s largest business area, accounting for just over half of the Group’s overall profit. With around 4.0 million private customers, we are Sweden’s largest private bank.

How big is Swedbank?

Swedbank has 7.3 million private customers and 553 000 corporate customers.

In which countries is Swedbank?

Countries where we operate Our home markets are Sweden, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Our corporate business also operates in the rest of the Nordic countries.

What type of bank is Swedbank?

Swedbank AB (Swedish pronunciation: [ˈsvɛ̌d(ː)baŋk, ˈsvɛ̌d(ː)bæŋk, ˈswɛ̌d(ː)bæŋk]) is a Nordic-Baltic banking group based in Stockholm, Sweden, offering retail banking, asset management, financial, and other services.

Is Swedbank a private bank?

Swedbank Private Banking – consistent and attentive Our commitment has been recognized by the financial magazine Euromoney, which named Swedbank Private Banking the best private banking service in Estonia in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2017.

How many employees does Swedbank have?


Swedbank’s global HQ in Sundbyberg (Stockholm), Sweden
Total equity SEK 98.133 billion (2011)
Number of employees 15,614 (FTE, 2019)
Subsidiaries Swedbank Estonia, Swedbank Latvia and Swedbank Lithuania

How good is Swedbank?

S&P raised Swedbank’s standalone rating to a+ and affirmed the final rating at A+. The outlook was changed to stable, from negative. The main drivers are a stable management, strong key ratios in efficiency, and earnings stability.

Is there a Swedbank in London?

Swedbank, Swedbank House, 42 New Broad Street, LONDON, EC2M 1SB.