Is the Indo Board a good workout?

Is the Indo Board a good workout?

Indo Board products can help you or your clients to achieve a more balanced, healthy, strong and stable body while experiencing a fun and effective way of functional training.

How do you train on a balance board?


  1. Stand on the wobble board with your feet on the outer edges. Stand upright in a neutral spine position.
  2. Tilt the board to the front to touch it the floor.
  3. Tilt it back onto the heels to touch the floor behind you.
  4. Continue tilting forward and back in a slow, steady, controlled motion for 60 seconds.

What is the Indo Board good for?

The Indo Board is an effective apparatus to warm up, loosen and open the pelvic girdle and stabilize the structures of the lower body (leg and calf muscles, knees, ankles and feet).

Does Indo Board burn calories?

Using the Indo Board Standing Desk Balance Board activates the core and balance stabilizing system while you work which burns calories, improves posture and increases productivity.

What are the benefits of an Indo board?

Can you lose weight with an Indo Board?

Balance boards for weight loss Balance boards are best known for their role in injury prevention, rehabilitation, and balance training. However, any form of physical activity burns calories, so using a balance board may also aid in weight loss.

How long should you be on a balance board?

Using the balance board is, therefore, recommended. Sessions do not have to be long, with 10-15 minutes being about the ideal length of time. As well as using your Balance Board on a daily basis, you should actively look for other opportunities throughout the day to practice improving your balance.

Are balance boards good for beginners?

A Balance board is a great tool to train balance. But for some, it can be challenging to start with. Luckily there are balance boards for beginners, they are fun and easy to start with. Now there are many different balance board types in existence.

What is the purpose of the Indo board?

The Indo Board (derived from the word indoor) was designed to be used indoors so that everyone from kids to senior adults to professional athletes could enjoy the benefits of balance training and balance board exercises. Take 10% OFF* today’s order!

When did the Indo Balance Board come out?

Surf Since 1998 Indo Board has been used by the top pro surfers and surf fitness trainers in the world and is the leading surf-specific fitness training tool on the market. Whether you enjoy groomed runs, backcountry, half-pipe, or the terrain park; the Indo Board will improve your snowboarding or skiing.

How big is the roller on the Indo board?

It’s paired here with a 6.5” diameter roller, offering a great system for exercising the body’s balance control systems; whether as part of sports-specific training or specialized rehab / physical therapy.

What’s the best way to ride an Indo board?

With the deck balanced on top of the provided roller, the basic goal of the Indo Board Balance Trainer is for the athlete to ride atop the board as long as possible, surfboard style, while keeping the deck from touching the ground.