Is the Macallan 15 good?

Is the Macallan 15 good?

The Verdict The Macallan 15 is another quality bottling from Macallan and is definitely worth taking the time to try it. You’ll pay quite a bit less than the Macallan 18 and you’ll still get the same consistent quality you have come to expect.

Is Macallan 12 or 15 better?

Macallan Fine Oak 15. More pleasant nose than the original Macallan 12 (dark fruits, raisins) but with only a faint scent of sulphur. There’s also hints of vanilla creme and chocolate cake. Palate: 89.

Is Macallan Fine Oak discontinued?

Macallan Is Discontinuing Two Rare, Old Single Malts from One of Its Core Ranges. Macallan announced on Wednesday that it will stop making two bottles from its Fine Oak line. The pre-holiday news dump revealed that both the 21-year-old and 30-year-old variants from the line will cease production “with immediate effect. …

How do you drink Macallan 15?

The best way to drink Macallan is to do it slowly and embrace the textures and flavors that hit you on the first sip. Hold the whisky in your mouth and allow it to sit there. Roll the spirit around your palate and engage with the flavors you experience.

Which is the smoothest Macallan?

The Macallan 12 is a remarkable bottle (whether Sherry Oaked, Double Oaked, or Triple Oaked). It’s full of subtle complexity and rich sweet flavor offset by a perfect level of spice. The Macallan 18 is distinctly smoother, richer, and full of even more unique leathery flavors.

Which is better Glenfiddich or Macallan?

The verdict: The Glenfiddich 12 outshines the Macallan 12 Double Cask. The Macallan’s intense oak notes and spice can overwhelm complete beginners. Both are great whiskies, but as an entry level whisky, between two of the world’s bestselling single malts, we put the Glenfiddich in first place.

Is Macallan 18 Year Triple discontinued?

The Macallan Triple Cask 18 YO Single Malt Scotch Whisky 700ml (Discontinued) @ 43% vol.

Should I put ice in Macallan?

Use fresh ice, as older ice can absorb the flavours and smells of the freezer over time. Clear, fresh ice will ensure that no unwanted flavours appear in your whisky.

How old is a 15 year old Macallan oak?

Fine Oak The Macallan Fine Oak 15 Years Old forms part of the Fine Oak range and is matured for a minimum of fifteen years in three exceptional oak cask types. This complex combination of casks delivers a rich flavor profile with notes of chocolate, dried fruits and cinnamon. The Macallan Fine Oak 15 Years Old

What kind of finish does Macallan 15 have?

You may also find Macallan 15 to be called Macallan 15 Fine Oak in some places. These are one and the same, but the Fine Oak designation does a good job of describing some of these woody flavors. You may also begin to notice raisin, orange, and chocolate flavors leading into the finish.

How much is a 15 year old Macallan Whisky?

This 15-year-old Fine Oak is bottled at 43% strength and was replaced by the Macallan Triple Cask Matured, as of April 2018. You can still pick up the original 15-year-old via the Whisky Exchange for £150, or take a punt on its triple cask replacement for a more palatable £105 from the same retailer, or via Amazon for £114.95.

How long does it take for a Macallan 15 to mature?

The Macallan 15 is aged in American oak sherry casks, Spanish oak sherry casks, and American oak bourbon casks. They are each matured separately for 15 years and then blended together. What most people tend to appreciate about the Macallan 15 is that it’s not overly smoky.