Is the plural forums or fora?

Is the plural forums or fora?

Fora is sometimes cited as the correct plural for forum. Although it is indeed correct, there is some debate over whether it is the only correct pluralisation. Most online dictionaries provide both fora and forums as acceptable terms.

Is it correct to say forums?

forums) 1) a meeting or medium for an exchange of views. 2) (pl. fora) (in an ancient Roman city) a public square or marketplace used for judicial and other business. I personally prefer to use the word forums, when referring to a group of workshops and meetings.

What is the plural of fora?

Fora and forums are plurals of forum. The former conforms to the original Latin, which some people prefer, while others like the Anglicized form.

What’s the plural form of forum?

The plural form of forum is forums or fora.

What is the singular of fora?

a fora (third-person singular present forează, past participle forat) 1st conj.

What is the meaning of international fora?

Member countries have been invited by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) to communicate their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) to the mitigation of climate change, including plans for adaptation to the expected impacts of climate change.

How do you use forum in a sentence?

a public facility to meet for open discussion.

  1. The forum is now open to all budding entrepreneurs.
  2. Yesterday we visited the forum of ancient Romans.
  3. The conference provides a useful forum for the exchange of views and ideas.
  4. The letters page of this newspaper is a forum for public argument.

What is the difference between forum and form?

It’s difficult to see how the nouns form and forum might be confused for one another. Speakers of some regional dialects do drag out the word form in speech, but in standard English, form is a one-syllable word. Forum is made up of two syllables.

What is the English word of fora?

The definition of a fora is a place where you did business in Rome, or a general place to meet and discuss. An example of a fora is the ruins of the Roman Forum. A roundtable discussion on politics is an example of a fora. noun. 5.

What is the English name of fora?

फोड़ा (phora) – Meaning in English A boil, also called a furuncle, is a deep folliculitis, infection of the hair follicle.