Is the Trek remedy a trail or enduro bike?

Is the Trek remedy a trail or enduro bike?

If you’re gonna get just one mountain bike, make it this one. This long-travel 29er is the trail bike of trail bikes. The burly 170mm/160mm suspension and super-slack geometry is ideal for fast enduro lines and heavy-hitting park runs.

How much does a Trek Remedy 8 weigh?


Weight M – 14.07 kg/31.01 lb (with TLR sealant, no tubes)
Weight limit This bike has a maximum total weight limit (combined weight of bicycle, rider and cargo) of 136 kg (300 lb).

Is the Trek Remedy a good trail bike?

The Trek Remedy is a nice choice for a lot of riders. Those who want a versatile bike but don’t demand cutting-edge geometry or the lightest and fastest bike will like this rig. The Trek gets it done on all areas of the trail and comes with some pretty impressive components.

How big is the fork on the Trek Remedy?

Trek’s popular trail bike, the Remedy, gets a series of small but important tweaks for 2019. The bike still has 27.5 wheels and 150mm of travel (with a 160mm fork) but the updates change the way the bike rides and possibly the type of rider it’s intended to appeal to.

Which is better Trek Remedy 9.7 or remedy 8?

I opted for the alloy Remedy 8 over the identically priced 9.7, which has a carbon frame but a lesser spec. Both share the same frame features, including the Mino Link chips that make it a doddle to switch between the bike’s high and low geometry settings.

Is the Trek slash the same as the Trek Remedy?

In fact, the Trek Slash has the same travel as the Remedy, however, the Remedy’s 27.5” wheels and slightly different geometry make it a much different bike. With such a low weight and balanced geometry, it’s no surprise that the Trek Remedy impressed us with its power transfer and climbing ability.