Is there such a thing as a fake Oakley?

Is there such a thing as a fake Oakley?

Legitimate Oakleys have the brand name clearly spelt out with appropriate markings. Did you just find a Fandango or Foakley? This term is used by Oakley collectors to describe the bootleg sunglasses that never even existed!

Are there any knockoffs of the Oakley sunglasses?

Fake Oakley sunglasses is not only a functional product, but also a ornament. For people who are desire to expressive themself, Oakleys knockoff is the best choice. The original streamline design and progressive colour picking make the appearance sharp. This is the reason why the Oakley can be a well-known brand and hit.

What’s the serial number on a pair of Oakley?

On older and vintage pairs, the SKU/Serial number may just be a serious of numbers separated by a hyphen such as 99-999. If you’ve found the SKU number on your pair of Oakleys, try a quick Google search or even calling customer service.

What kind of sticker is on Oakley Frogskins?

The Frogskins below show an example of fairly common “O” stickers you’ll find on Fake Oakleys. Fake Oakley Frogskins with Oakley O sticker, a common tell among fakes. Often on fake Oakleys, the ear socks are thinner and may slide on and off very easily.

Where does the Oakley logo go on a Holbrook?

This is especially common over the nose bridge. If the ones on Oakley’s site don’t have “Oakley” over the nose bridge, and yours do, then what you’ve got are phonies. Life style frames such as Holbrooks and Frogskins are popular knock-offs, and the fakes often feature a misplaced logo.

Can you tell if Oakley earsocks are real or fake?

While Oakley earsocks certainly slide on and off, when fully in place they are flush to the frame. On fake pairs it’s not uncommon for the earsocks to be poorly cut and not fit the frame itself. The photo below compares the top (fake) Oakley’s with real Oakley New Straight Jackets on the bottom.