Is XX1 better than XO1?

Is XX1 better than XO1?

XX1 is for the weight weenie, cross country racer, or light trail rider. It’s for someone who is looking to shave grams, which comes at the cost of not being quite as durable. SRAM X01 is made to take more of a beating. With more alloy parts, X01 is made for the heavy trail rider or enduro racer.

Is an XX1 chain worth it?

“SRAM claim the world’s longest-lasting chain with their XX1, and they are not kidding,” Kerin said. “Both the X01 and XX1 chains were so far ahead of any other chain from a pure elongation wear measure that I had to re-run the tests. The results were basically identical. Their longevity is phenomenal.”

Is X01 worth it over GX?

Registered. Imo the XO1 is worth the cost over GX out of any other component in the drivetrain barring maybe the chain. One’s a single piece of machined steel billet the other is stamped/machined and pinned together.

What is the difference between XX1 and X01?

At first glance, the main difference is the finish. XX1 has a darker grey accent color, while X01 has a lighter grey. Throw them on the scale and you notice a small 12 gram weight difference that comes from materials used. The outer cage on an XX1 derailleur is carbon, while X01 uses aluminum.

Is SRAM more expensive than Shimano?

The most expensive groupset from Shimano is the Dura-Ace 9150 Di2 which comes in at $2735 while the priciest groupset from SRAM is the Red eTap AXS 2X Flat Mount HRD Electronic Groupset which costs $2399. The SRAM RED eTap AXS Electronic system is an intuitive, high performance wireless groupset.

Which SRAM Eagle chain is the best?

– If you’re the type that wears chains out, I’d go with the X01 Eagle chain, since its hard chrome tech lengthens chain life enough to be worth the extra cost. Alternatively, if you want cutting edge, go KMC DLC. – If you’re the type that breaks/twists/mangles chains before they wear out, go GX.

How long does an xo1 cassette last?

The cassette should last for a long while (6 months to a year or more, depending on how many miles) provided you replace worn chains and chainrings when needed. Also, that grinding noise under power means that either your chain is very dirty, or the chainring is worn. That would make sense.

Is SRAM X1 the same as X01?

X01 is one price bracket more expensive than X1, its very similar to XX1 in terms of tech but the focus here is on durability rather than weight-conscious riders. As a result, it’s heavier but perhaps sturdier.

What is better NX eagle or GX Eagle?

Compared to the SRAM GX Eagle, the NX is 185 g heavier, with the chain and derailleur making the biggest weight difference. Compared to an X01 Eagle, the NX Eagle gains a whole 438 g, which is quite understandable with a price difference of € 900.

What’s the difference between the X01 and the XX1?

The weight difference between X01 and XX1 drivetrains is in the range of 30-40 grams, while the price difference is about $225. Overall, aesthetics are the biggest difference between X01 and XX1, but XX1 is just that extra bit lighter. If you don’t want the gold XX1 cassette, the X01 cassette uses the same construction but has a black coating.

What’s the difference between the SRAM AXS XX1 and X01?

Derailleur weight is the only functional difference in SRAM’s AXS line. Clockwise from left, XX1 weighs 373 grams, X01 weighs 390 grams, and GX weighs 454 grams (battery cover not included).

How much does a SRAM XX1 Eagle weigh?

Weight Comparison SRAM XX1 Eagle SRAM XX1 Shimano XTR M9100 Shimano XTR M9100 1×12 (10-50) 1×11 (10-42) 1×12 (10-51) 1×12 (10-45) Crankset (32T) 493g 562g 511g 511g Cassette 360g 268g 376g 349g Chain 260g 252g 262g 249g

Which is better Eagle x01 or GX drivetrain?

With the X01 drivetrain, were getting into the higher price point of the Eagle family and while all Eagle systems perform great, the X01 setup pays a little more attention to the components in this groupset and is significantly lighter than the GX option.