The long road to creativity

The road to creativity with the Internet has recently launched an interesting new project – an international online platform Boot B that allows you to sell and buy services for the creation of a creative in the advertising industry.

The aim of the project to a private company Boot is to help gifted people to meet with those who are willing to pay for their talent and access the best brands the road to creativity “of the people”, writes AdWorker. The project is presented in 12 languages, which covers approximately 96% of the world’s virtual community. The company Boot for the first time in the industry has placed on the website creative brief for a project worth $100 million in open access. The company is confident of leading world brands will not take long and will follow in her footsteps – now the Boot works with many of them.

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The authors of the best ideas Boot pays 90% of the budget, thus providing a decent reward for the effort. Each brief is published, there is a clear budget. This amount is paid into the ESCROW account that, on the one hand, allows the customer to avoid interest, and on the other hand, ensures that defaulting customers will not be able to use the idea without paying for it.

The founder, inspirer and the main leader Boot is Pier Ludovico Bancale is a specialist in the field of advertising and marketing, which has years of experience with major international brands; Advisor Martin Lindstrom, one of the most respected branding experts in the world.

“This project needs to turn the advertising world on its head” – said Pierre Bancale. “For many years, I was continually surprised how few advertising agencies present creative. As it turned out, the leaders of the largest companies in the world fully share my worries. Project Boot in favor of all who heard of it. We help creative that is created by the best specialists of the planet, to be duly appreciated by the professionals of the advertising industry. I think it’s time to this approach. In a world of many gifted people, especially children, but most of them can not realize their creative abilities. The Boot opens in front of such talent, the way credit market, where they are due to his ideas will be able to get the opportunity to work with leading brands”.

Martin Lindstrom is convinced that open access to the world of creative potential bears the brand owners only benefits. In his opinion, the concept of “creativity without borders” (of unlimited creativity™) brings together not only professionals typical advertising agencies, but also the General public, will appear on the light in a most creative ideas and the best way to affect the marketing budgets of companies.

“Boot helps creative people to meet with those who are willing to pay for their talent, eliminating obstacles to creative ideas and opening a world of unconventional thinking, says Martin. – The project allows many talents to be heard, pushing buyers and sellers of ideas to collaborate in a new, unexplored region. For the conventional model of an advertising Agency is the beginning of the end, and for brands the opportunity to reach a completely new level.”