Maybe it is time to slow down

Limit the speed! Maybe it’s time to slow down fundamental changes in the business environment, not always acceleration to maximum speed is the best strategy. Seth Godin talks about our willingness to be sensitive to the perception of those radical changes that are still happening almost imperceptibly, but rapidly change the markets in the coming years.

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Have you noticed that most descriptions of the technical characteristics of vehicles focused on acceleration but not on deceleration? Focus on acceleration more interesting than the deceleration.

And how would you change your management or marketing, if you knew that it was time to hit the brakes and sharply enough? Slow down and accelerate – it’s quite a different thing, isn’t it?

Forecast: by 2012 in USA no prominent newspaper does not leave the light. That is, you have about two and a half years before the time when the newspaper industry or will start to spread the news, and, accordingly, is in a whole new way, or will cease to exist. Or this trend is already changing the way your work, if you’re in the newspaper business?

Idea: the newspaper industry is indeed in a difficult position, but news like these will not go far. They just cease to depend on paper. Those who are now struggling to keep the paper versions of informational publications put the wrong questions and fail.

Forecast: by 2011, 90% of your sales will result from the dissemination of information about you social media (“word of mouth”), or the promotion in digital media. You are already changing the nature of work to be ready for it?

Prediction: the effort required to transfer a job to outsourcing will continue to decrease until the level when transmit nearly all of the tasks to external workers will be easier and cheaper than using internal talent. What will you do today to ensure its own prosperity when this trend is finally secured?

Question: why, then, media professionals are not in a hurry for training in the field of digital media? As for me, when someone finds out that the old world is coming to an end, we must hurry to the place where you can learn the tools of the domain of the new.

Just to drive rapidly, trying effectively to do its old thing, and then suddenly crash into a mountain is a suitable Villa for the Coyote, but not the people.