New marketing from Seth Godin

“Interrupt marketing” refers to Seth Godin the usual advertising, which now crowded the streets, as well as radio, television and the Internet. But according to the author of eight marketing books bestsellers and one of the leading agents of change, this approach to marketing is no longer justified, because not able to win the trust of the consumer. So – is worth nothing in the long-term.

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The alternative to such marketing is what Godin calls provided important personal message: “When I’m calling my lawyer, I answer the call, because we have a special relationship. I am sure that it bothers me only when it really matters. Any attempt to force me to do something that will be useful only for her, would mean for her liberation.”

“Forget about the pyramid sales, says Godin. – Turn it over and it will turn into a shout. We need only give it to people, they immediately start singing the praises of the sales representative from the dealership or Dodge will tell you about the great agent from the medical center. The amount of useful information and advice suddenly begins to grow rapidly.”

According to the blog Brand Aid, the essence of the new era lies in the fact that you no longer have to be a hunter who hunts – you need to be a farmer. “A client who talks about you instead of you – it’s much better than advertising where no one wants to see. The bottom line is that a satisfied client at dinner having a conversation with another potential customer, even when you’re not around”.

When there is a mouthpiece, much less time is spent on “cold calling” (from the English. cold-calling). You think about how to organize their services to encourage clients to communicate with each other. Head of sales Department of one consulting company has received new contracts and invited to the seminar several representatives of the companies included in the Fortune 500. “Naturally, people at the workshop discussed among themselves their problems, says Godin. – Two of those were clients of the organizer and spoke about his company’s extremely positive. A result of the other also decided to ask the sales Manager how he could help their companies to cope with difficulties. That is ingenious organizer is not made by myself, almost nothing – he just handed the customers shout”.