What marketers are not telling to their executives Part 1

There are situations in which it carefully hides from the management of the company. It can be the little things that are not worth special attention, and there may be actions that directly affect the performance of the company. What if this employee is a marketer? Edition MMR tried to investigate this issue and compiled a list of things that, in their opinion, no marketer will not tell a top Manager.

So, we offer this kind of list (real provocation) from a hypothetical marketer who works in the media sphere.

Yeah, I steal money. Of course, not directly from your pocket, and in the form of a rollback. Technically I am an honest person, because I work on salary and receive bonuses for their work. But agencies really need customers. So they want to win the tender at any cost. And if I choose for you the best Agency, then why not get a modest gift from the Agency that won the tender?

The tender was won by not the best Agency. The tender winner is someone I know. Because asking for kickbacks from strangers is dangerous can send. But with winner I have a great relationship. For me this is very important! Every smart marketer needs to understand that relations with the Agency is more important than the relationship with the employer. Why? Because when you set me free, I’ll get to another company where there advertising budgets. And I don’t have to re-build the entire corrupt system – I already have established relations.

Best Agency simply could not win the tender. Good agencies have many clients and a lot of work. Therefore, in order to weed out those who are not willing to give me kickbacks, there is a proven trick. I usually cook tender brief written hind leg. What is less clear task, it is easier to weed out the junk. So, the trick is that a good Agency does not have time to fool with such a tender where it is not clear what you need. And many of them are such prudes – I don’t want to work for free. So I did not pay for their participation in the tender. I know an Agency that respects himself, will not participate in such a “gray” tender, and you also will praise me for having saved you several thousand.

You don’t know where to actually take your money. You spend a lot of money, do you think on advertising. Actually from 10 to 30% goes into my pocket in the form of a rollback. Still the same keeps the Agency placing the advertisement. More money is spent on kickbacks, which people with the media paying little managers, which, in turn, not allowed to plunder the Agency. Directly to media hits, in some cases, only those 10-30% of the total budget.

And will never know. Because the advertising market does not dispose of the owners, and thousands of hired managers, who also have something to eat. Therefore, all live with their percent. The Agency people bring me gifts because they want your budget, from which they get their Commission. The media buyers are, are are gifts account managers in the agencies to get their piece. Advertising agents in media drive to restaurants medaber and give them any discount, just to get their crumbs. Why? Because they also live with a percent of sales. And they are willing to tell the owners of TV channel or newspaper stories about what “such a horrible market, all dumping,” “no one buys ads,” and that “need to pay “kickbacks”. In the end, it all paid by the owners of the companies and the advertising market with these percent lives.