Why does not viral marketing work?

Sometimes what the company does is perfect. Or service that fully satisfies the desires of the people, or a product which they love and fully perform its functions. However, even these companies are sometimes surprised to notice that people don’t talk about their service/product. So what could be the problem?

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Several reasons for this seemingly illogical behavior leads Seth Godin, an internationally known author who writes on the topic of marketing on the pages of the blog Duct Tape Marketing:

  1. Consumers hesitate to talk about your product. For example, your remedy for acne can be very high-quality and effective, but it is unlikely your customers will tell all friends and acquaintances that uses this tool.
  2. Talking about your product can be inappropriate. Very easy to talk about a new mobile phone – because everyone can see it, when your customer pulls out his phone from his pocket. Much more difficult, for example, to start a conversation about a new massage salon or dental office. Because the situations in which such a conversation would look relevant, does not happen very often.
  3. The product can be rather boring for the environment in which your consumer. For example, you release a wonderful toothpaste. But wondering whether the consumer to talk about it with your friends?
  4. Your consumer wants to maintain exclusivity. For example, he really likes your restaurant and relaxed atmosphere. In addition, he appreciates that in this place you can always find a free table. That is why he may decide not to share information about the restaurant with friends. Why did he have competitors?
  5. Your product could be too popular to talk about it. Hard to imagine? Then recall a situation when the bloggers are hesitant to write an article about a very hyped event, fearing that they will be accused of plagiarism or laziness.
  6. The consumer is worried he will be accused of lack of taste. For example, people loved the wine. But she is afraid to praise his friends because they do not know how you like it. And if not – it can be accused of bad taste.

Obviously, similar reasons “neuroses” of your product or service can be set. But the basic principle is quite simple: it’s not what you feel but what he feels is the consumer using your product. Try to put yourself in his place, and maybe you will understand what needs to be corrected.