How to properly represent your brand

I want Rozova properly represent your brand in the new, information economy and the continuous growth of the role of social media? Amber Naslund talks about the importance of the format of the story for the development of relations with the client.

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You make interesting figures to which you refer. Not the name, not the logo, not promises. Not the colors used on the website, which took you so much time. Not what you made up earlier, because for me it is all in the past. I want to hear your story. To hear about your tomorrow, your hope for the future, expectations about how the world around you, at least a little bit, become better thanks to you. It should at least be a little better ball point pen, creating nanostructures that will cure cancer. But tell me something interesting!

In order to have a story don’t need to be large. True North – a company that produces Breakfast cereals, talks about his community and not primarily about their products. Their stories engage listeners, because they tell something about the nature of the company, thus causing a natural desire to know more. When I see that name on the shelf, I at least will intrigue. Not only almonds, but also the fact that they are faithfully working to be and become more interesting.

But in order to have a story, not necessarily to be small. During the Golf tournament, masters, Exxon Mobil has organized a number of stories about their sponsored Academy Mickelson for teachers and their initiatives in the field of education. They talk about the future.

Not about the past or what has always been. They tell their stories focusing on what awaits us in the future in their industry, their company, their community. They’re talking about.

The number of people who follow you (followers), or mediocre works that are issued for e-books, I did not say anything about you leaving me in the dark about the fact that behind all this lies.

The next press release on your blog did not inspire me to think about you in some special, extraordinary way, full of your personality.

Your branded message that had been carefully created, does not motivate me to change my attitude to the world does nothing to change the prospects of my place in the world, with or without you.

The Convention remains a Convention, and always has been, and for that you can find a place. Sometimes. But with all this noise I want to hear your voice. I want you out, rose above its immediate functions, and have found my purpose. I want to know why you are here what you are made of.

Why don’t you put aside brand book, your rules for the use of the brand and all those ideas that you think will make me open my wallet or write about something pleasant?

Why don’t you stop hysterically waving his hand to me and then offer me to hear a story written just for me?