Why salespeople can be difficult to hear the customer

Why salespeople can be difficult to “listen” to clients article was recently published in the blog of Count Michael is a business coach and sales specialist. It turns out that many sellers are used to think about your product, designing its own selection criteria for all its customers.

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It can be seen, after observing the sellers: if the seller of the cars appearance will be the most important selection criterion is that it and “sell” appearance and rarely will talk about other criteria, such as convenience, safety, power, etc.

If the seller of the computers considers the most important criterion for the productivity and efficiency of the system, in conversation with the buyer of the laptop it is unlikely to pay attention to the sizes and appearance. At least as long as the client himself will not say that it is extremely important.

This behavior of the sellers are quite natural. The man who sells herself somehow relates to their goods and services. Her point of view on customer needs, she begins to believe that all clients have exactly what is important to her. This leads to the fact that such sellers are unable to work effectively and to take into account criteria different from those to which they are accustomed.

Such a pattern can be observed in many companies who sell goods and services in the B2C area: sales staff sell customers what they bought themselves. On the one hand it is good that the managers understand your product, they like it and they can speak the same language. But it happens sometimes (especially with complex services, which have many advantages), when such an approach impedes effective sales process.

Therefore, sellers should understand that customers are different, each with its own needs and its current situation. In some cases, it makes sense to give more time to study the client’s situation and then sell will be easier. You agree that before starting treatment, your doctor should carry out a detailed diagnosis. It is unlikely that you would want to be treated by a doctor who prescribes the same pill.