Success – the result of persistence

Success – the result of persistence (case Kenneth Cole). All successful people have one thing in common – persistence and an overwhelming desire to obtain the desired resource even when it is not. About this simple truth, probably heard by many. But recently my eye caught a very interesting case Kenneth Cole – production premium (bags, belts, shoes, accessories and more) that shows what is really important – perseverance and desire to achieve results.

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Many people a lifetime waiting for the exact and appropriate moment to begin to move towards the target, when they will have enough resources to achieve it. They simply do not work unless they have enough time, extra money, need Dating, the necessary information, secret knowledge and extraordinary skills. Not hard to guess that it is capable to reach these people…

But there’s something even more important than the ability to start – is the ability to not give up when you start to encounter the first problems. The main thing here is to understand the nature of the problem and see is the problem and the goal you want to achieve. What about the ability not to give up in the face of challenges writes copywriter Dmitry cat in his blog.

So, when Kenneth Cole was just erected on his feet and was absolutely unknown, he decided to attend the exhibition of the industry of shoes, which was held in new York. When he found out the price for exhibition space at the hotel, I realized what kind of money he simply does not. (Most people, apparently abandoned the idea just at this stage. No money – so we’ll wait for next year. Maybe then they will appear…)

But Kenneth didn’t give up. He decided to find out how much it will cost to rent a place in one of the many stores around the exhibition. It turned out that all the shops are already occupied by competitors and not only that – the prices were much more than the amount that could afford the owner. Most people who don’t give up at the first place, would have refused his venture here… But not Kenneth.

He called a friend who owned a trucking company and asked for a huge trailer for a few days to Park it right before the show and use it as a mobile show-room. The friend agreed, but said to knock at the city’s Parking spot for a giant vehicle in Midtown Manhattan is impossible! Kenneth phoned in public service and asked how it is possible to obtain such a permit. He replied that in any way. Under what conditions and for any money he could not obtain such a permit.

Most of those who did not give up the previous 2 times, just refused the idea here. Everyone who works for a salary guaranteed to be refused, came into the office with a sense of accomplishment said, We’ve tried all possible options! It can be done!” But not Kenneth.

Kenneth asked, what is in principle possible to obtain such a permit. He was told that only companies repair gas/electricity and other utilities, as well as studios who make films in new York. (You can guess what happened next?)

Kenneth went to a nearby store where you can swap business cards and handouts, and business cards changed company name from Kenneth Cole Inc. at Kenneth Cole Productions Inc. Then he went to get permission for shooting the film: “The Birth of a Shoe Company” (“Birth of a Shoe company”) is in the title role. And got it!

A few days in the middle of Manhattan, directly opposite the entrance to the exhibition was a huge trailer with the words “Kenneth Cole Productions Inc.”, 2 operators and 2 cameras (which sometimes was even a film), red carpet that led inside the trailer, the models that have invited potential buyers to look at the product, and even(!) 2 police officers, which the city specially allocated for the film. And competitors were angry and kicking themselves.

For the first 2.5 days of the exhibition it sold 40 thousand of shoes that were made at that time. During the week-all wholesale buyers visited the trailer for Kenneth Cole and signed him to big contracts. So started this today well-known company…

A more cautious and less assertive await favorable circumstances. Their brands were never born!