Sustainable marketing – a fashionable topic or a different approach to doing business?

Sustainable marketing – a fashionable topic or a different approach to doing business? Recently in the tour of France drew attention to a number of books on the topic of “Sustainable marketing“, “Marketing for sustainable development”. We could not even see. It is clear that the concept of “sustainable development” (sustainable development), which came from the West, they develop faster. Including marketing in the appropriate direction.

Consequently, modern marketing, as a process of creating and sharing values, focuses (except company profits) on the other two components of Value, which is created, indeed, for us and future generations: people and the environment. Accordingly, for companies it is about the triple bottom line. A well-defined aspects throughout the life cycle of the product should communicate to the consumer how the production-use-recycling of the product will influence the nature and social relations.

If it works in tired of unfulfilled promises society? France or the UK still do not reduce consumption, and the website of the European centre for corporate social responsibility (CSR) says that to hold this level, these countries need the resources of three planet Earth. A US – six! Begin a deeper understanding of al Gore with his Inconvenient Truth unsurpassed.

But the same source cites that the number of “ethically oriented” consumers (that is, the main criteria which take into account environmental and social aspects of products) in the UK has increased over 6 years from 10% to 32%, in France – 22%. Large companies embody the principles and standards of “eco” is not so much to improve your image, how do ‘sustainable’ a significant part of its long-term strategy, considering it a real source of competitive advantage.

So Europe is making concrete steps in the established marketing and it works. And what have we? Sustainable development, as to a certain extent “ideology”, a well-known regional development projects for over 10 years. Do not undertake to assess the results of this activity, but it is good to have it all and this trend is developing. And development in business?

The topic of sustainable marketing sometimes sounds on the pages of our publications in the context of “green” marketing – like “fashion” theme, along with the trends of digital, CRM and the like. But if you look at programs numerous marketing conferences, the popular do not call, if you ever find it.

So, in the context of total frustration with traditional methods of making in our society and wild capitalism, we see some light at the end of the tunnel. Perhaps our company do will be to conduct business more civilized, more environmentally friendly, more socially? Perhaps the principles of sustainable development will include and the strategy of our companies too? And not only on paper but in real life? And some people are already doing?

I’d like to believe that the topic of Sustainable development is not another attempt to PR for our companies, and real change in their approach to doing business. Is a business philosophy, its core.

But are you ready for the majority of our companies? Is this the theme of the next fashion PR and an attempt to have a modern image and our business really changes your face on the European? And are we ready to engage actively in the dialogue? As consumers, demonstrating their willingness to protect their rights to the truth and for the future, and how employees of companies implementing the principles that are declared?

Again the same question – “to be or to pretend”. This is a key issue for improvement of public confidence in business. And it is better not to play in the country, which occupies the 2nd place in Europe in terms of poverty.