Tech Products That Will Improve Your Bedtime Routine!

Tech Products That Will Improve Your Bedtime Routine!

With all the technology so readily available to us today, many things have become much more accessible. One of these things is sleep. With these great products, you’ll be able to get more quality sleep, and improve your overall health!

Technology is becoming more and more part of our everyday life. Another part of everyday life, of course, is sleep. Combining these two things creates products that can not only help improve the overall quality of your sleep, but also the overall quality of your health!

These products are some of the best there is. And with so many out there, this list can help you narrow down which products are right for you!

Dreem Headband

The Dreem Headband is great for those who want to learn more about how they sleep. Wearing this when you snooze can help you learn things like your heart rate, respiration, and even your overall brain activity! With this kind of information, you can improve your understanding of your sleep patterns!

Bose Noise-Cancelling Earbuds

Speaking of headphones, ones that you won’t regret getting are the Bose Noise-Cancelling Earbuds. These earbuds have been rewarded as some of the best earphones for sleeping, as it blocks out unwanted noise, helping you get the best sleep you’ve ever gotten.

Sick of your earbuds being uncomfortable? With Bose’s ergonomic design, you can sleep with these on even if you sleep on your side! As well as this, Bose can set up wake-up alarms to help wake you up without disturbing the person next to you. This helps you not only wake up peacefully but helps your partner do the same!

The Bedjet

The Bedjet is a gadget for hot sleepers and excellent for those who prefer a personalized body temperature experience while they sleep. With the Bedjet, you’ll be able to sleep more comfortable and relax better with the ability to customize the 2 sides of the blanket, letting you and your partner share a sheet and still get the sleep they need. So not only can you get better sleep, but so can your partner with the dual zone temperature technology!

The Bedjet is also very easy to install. Taking only minutes to install, you can spend more time sleeping and less time fretting over complicated products. Overall, with the Bedjet being recommended by Businessmen and Athletes alike, this product is sure to be a keeper.

Circle Home

The Circle Home is a device that helps you disconnect, giving you fewer distractions while you catch those Zs. How the Circle Home does this is by disconnecting the internet in your room during your bedtime, making instinctively checking social media every toss and turn a thing of the past.

This helps improve your sleep drastically, not only by decreasing distractions while you sleep, but also limiting the amount of light you’re exposed to, which can exacerbate ailments such as insomnia. Minimizing both distractions and harmful blue light from your night routine will definitely help you improve your overall sleeping habits. With the Circle Home, the temptation is gone, and you can finally rest easy!

SmartDuvet Breeze

Another tech product for hot sleepers, the SmartDuvet Breeze, can help you sleep easy and at the temperature that best suits you! Offering dual control, both you and your partner can sleep comfortably and to their own comfort level.

The SmartDuvet works by blowing either hot or cold air through several air channels that give keep you cool or warm throughout the night. Along with all this, the SmartDuvet Breeze also can quite literally make itself in the morning, giving you more time to get ready for your day!


Want to keep track of your sleep, along with many other great features, such as step tracking and heart rate monitoring? The Fitbit monitors your activity 24/7, enabled in-depth data that can help you learn more about your sleeping schedule. It also has a 4+ day battery life, ensuring that the data you get is as accurate as possible!

As well as offering you insightful data about your sleep, Fitbit also helps you to set up sleep goals, such as when you want to wake up or fall asleep. As well as this, you can also schedule reminders to help you toward your goals.


Overall, sleep is a crucial part of everyday life, affecting every aspect of it. With these great products, we can not only learn more about our sleep patterns, but also help improve our sleep health by making it easier to not only fall asleep but stay asleep as well!