The components of essay

A qualitative essay relies upon such important components: the source material (which should be used when writing) and material processing with usage of reasons and argumentations. Essay writing process consists of several parts:

  1. Introduction. As a rule, it contains its own understanding and the answer to the question. It is not bad to write what exactly will be considered in the essay, set a goal and indicate the information that will not be included to the content. In addition, it is necessary to indicate the main theses and key definitions, for example: “by liquidity I mean the following”. If you are going to write an essay, where there are different points of view of scientists, this fact should be indicated in the introduction. Your own viewpoint should be placed in the main part, perhaps even you ought to highlight this item separately.
  2. The main part. Contains reasoned analysis and justification, taking into account the available information, and using the data of other scientists on this issue. This part very often presents difficulties in writing, since it is necessary to emphasize the headings, based on which independent analysis will be carried out, because a reasoned investigation should be made in this part. In this case, one thought should be considered throughout one paragraph.
  3. Concluding part. It should be the most concise and to contain the results of the outlined arguments. There may also be recommendations on how to use the obtained results, taking into account a relationship with the solution of other problems, for example: “The essay is mostly devoted to a research on the liquidity of the enterprise, but this also led to a study of the dependence on borrowed funds”. Finally, you should indicate the relevance of the study and where it can be applied. You can use some illustrative materials.